You are at Surya 'Memu' Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Surya 'Memu' Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Cast: Surya, Amala Paul, Karthik Kumar & Bindu Madhavi
Directed by: Pandiraj
Produced by: Surya & Pasanga Productions
Music by: Arrol Corelli
Release Date: 08-07-2016
Surya Memu - Story
Navin and Naina are two hyper-active kids who become a huge burden to their respective parents because of their aggressive behaviours. Left with no choice, their parents join them in a boarding school. Same situation continues there too as both the kids create huge problems and run away from the hostel. This is the time their parents are forced to meet a child psychiatrist(Suriya) who in turn decides to treat them. Rest of the story as to how Suriya and his wife(Amala Paul) takes things in their hand and bring a huge change in the lives of these kids.
Surya Memu - Star Performance
The movie's core concept was too good. Suriya dominates the screen for most part. He fits the role as a Psychiatrist. Credit should go to him for accepting such a role.The way he deals with the problems and explains things through his doctor's role has been showcased well. Both the Kids have also performed exceptionally. Amala Paul has already proved her mettle and in this movie she has done role of a pampering mother. She also lashes out schools which have turned commercial these days. Bindu Madhavi as confusing mom has done justice to her role. Rest of the characters have done justice to their roles. Not to miss cameos from other actors too.
Surya Memu - Technical Team
Production values of the film are quite good. The way the education system has been showcased and how things should be in reality looks quite novel. Music of the film is below average and at least two songs could have been chopped off to make matters better. Screenplay is disappointing as major part of the film gets repetitive. Coming to the director Pandiraj, he has done a decent job by choosing a crucial point and showing what problems do today's urban kids and parents face. Had he made the film a bit crisp, the effect could have been even better.
Surya Memu - Analysis
Movies like 'Memu' are much needed to society and the movie hits on the burning problem which is faced by parents these days. The movie will appeal to audience of all ages. But one must need patience as the narration is too slow. But if you ignore the predictable story, you can connect with the movie easily.
Surya Memu - Trailer

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