You are at Evaru Telugu Movie Review (1.75/5.0)

Evaru Telugu Movie Review (1.75/5.0)

Cast: Tarak Ratna,Panchi Bora
Directed by: Venkata Ramana Selva
Produced by: Muppa Ankamma Chowdary
Music by: Yogeshwar Sharma
Release Date: 08/26/2016
Evaru - Story

Shekhar (Tarakaratna) is a journalist who is interested in solving various mysterious cases. Being an atheist, Shekhar doesn't believe in any superstitions. One fine day, he comes across Yamini Chandra (Panchi Bora) who is suffering from abnormal illusions and paranormal activities.To solve the mystery, Shekhar shifts into Yamini's house and he too undergoes the same problems. What is the reason behind Yamini's illusions? What is actually happening in the house ? How did Shekhar manage to solve the mystery ? That forms the rest of the story.

Evaru - Star Performance
Tarakaratna gets an author-backed role and performs quite well. The way he emotes in crunch situations and carries the entire film on his shoulder shows his experience. Roles like these, will take him further in his career and make him a better actor.Heroine Panchi Bora does okay as a girl who is experiencing mysterious circumstances. Nasser and Suman were apt in their respective roles.
Evaru - Technical Team
Director had a good storyline but couldn't handle the execution well. The production values are very bad as one would easily get the feel of watching a telefilm. VFX is of very low standard. Cinematography should have been handled well and editing played a spoilsport as many scenes had abrupt cuts. Background score is just about okay.
Evaru - Analysis
On the whole, Evaru is just a below average thriller which has some interesting moments in the last half an hour. Even though the concept is good, silly execution in crunch scenes and many logic-less episodes spoil the proceedings to an extent. All those who like suspense thrillers and do not mind the lacklustre storyline, can give this film a shot.

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