You are at Paathshala (1.5/5) Movie Review & Rating

Paathshala (1.5/5) Movie Review & Rating

Telugu Movie : Paathshala Movie Review, Rating -1.5/5

Director: Mahi V Raghav

Music Director: Rahul Raj

Cast: Nandu, Bhupathi Raju, Karthik, Anupriya, Salma, Shashank, Sirisha, Surya, Hamid, Sandhya and others.

Producer: Rakesh Mahankali and Pavan Kumar Reddy

Cinematography : Sudheer Surendran

Story :

The story of the film is quite simple and based on the lives of five best friends, who graduate out of college. After enjoying their graduation party this group of three boys and two girls, decide to go on a road trip and visit each others native places.

They hire a swanky van, and start their fun filled journey to these villages. Rest of the story is as to what happens during their visit, and how the harsh realities change their lives upside down.

Plus Points:

Major plus point is the concept and the genre of the film. Films with a road trip backdrop, have rarely been tried in Telugu cinema. Coming to the performances, Nandu shines in the role of Raju. His character is quite entertaining, and brings in the comic relief to the film. Sirisha, who did the role of Salma is quite endearing, and will surely connect with the female youth. Other actors like Sai Kiran and Anu Priya have done their roles quite well.

First half of the film is entertaining, and showcases the fun elements in student life. Locations showcased and production values in the film are stunning. One dance episode featuring a poor kid, has been executed quite emotionally.

Sashank’s role in the second half is yet another plus for the film. He has acted quite well, and brings in the necessary depth to the film. The message showcased in the film is also good, and will definitely connect with today’s youth.

Minus Points:

After an exciting first half, the tempo in the second half goes down slightly. The makers have concentrated more on the sentiment part, which sometimes becomes tedious. Lack of known faces also might also go against the reach of the film.

Even though Sashank’s character is the major highlight of the film, it has been stretched a bit too far. Those who seek regular masala entertainment, can stay away from this film.

Technical Aspects:

Paathshala is a brilliant film technically. Camerawork is quite stunning, as each and every visual looks top notch. Music is decent, and goes with the mood of the film. But it is Rahul Raj’s absorbing background score, that takes the film to a decent level. Dialogues are written in a simple way, and will connect to the youth well.

Coming to debutante director Mahi, he has done a decent job for his first film. The way he has executed this novel subject is impressive, but he bogs a bit down with his screenplay. Mahi adds quite a few commercial elements, which go against the flow of the film.

Verdict: It's a Slow Movie..

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