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Drishyam Movie Review

Drishyam Rating :3.25/5

Cast: Venkatesh , Meena , Nadiya , Naresh , Ravi Kale and others

Directed by : Sripriya

Produced by : Suresh, Rajkumar Set

Banner : Suresh Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Music by : Sharath

Release Date : 2014-07-11

Drishyam Movie Review

Drishyam is the biggest hit in Malayalam cinema history and everyone has been going gaga over it since its release. It is termed as one of the finest movies made in the history of Indian cinema. No wonder it is being remade in every Indian language now. Venkatesh, who has been finding it tough to find the right script since a very long time, has finally found a winner here. Drushyam will be remembered as one of his best movies.

What is it about?

Rambabu (Venkatesh) is a cable operator who leads a happy life with his wife Jyothi (Meena) and his two daughters. His happy middle class family faces an extra ordinary situation when the spoilt son of IG Geetha (Nadia) creates trouble to them. Jyothi and her elder daughter take things into hands that put their family in a never ending trouble. Rambabu uses his cinema knowledge to save his family from the consequences.


Venkatesh: Venkatesh shed all his starry inhibitions for this role. He played the role of a middle age person who is father to a teenager. He is believable in the role of Rambabu. You will not get the feeling of watching a star in the lead role. His screen presence and voice is added bonus for this powerful script.

Meena: Meena played the role of a middle class, middle aged woman to perfection. She did the same character in the original version too. Her performance in the climax scenes is good.

Nadiya: Nadiya has once again played a pivotal role in a film. She is one of the major assets to the film in terms of casting. She is wonderful as the ruthless police woman who is desperate to find the whereabouts of her son.

Others: Ravi Kale is so good as the bad police and Krithika did a fine job in the role of Venkatesh's elder daughter. Naresh is decent and all others chipped in with neat performances in their respective roles.


Story and Screenplay: Jeethu Joseph's script is the main asset of this film. He is the director of the Malayalam version. He has written a flawless script that will sell in any language.

Direction: Director Sripriya did well in sticking to the original. She hardly made any changes to the original script. It is a scene to scene, dialogue to dialogue remake. Jeethu Joseph made it easy to Sripriya and all she had to do is to blindly follow the original. She did a good job in recreating the original.

Others: Background music is impressive. Nothing much to talk about the two songs in this film. Cinematography is adequate. Film is made on a reasonable budget. Makers should be appreciated for believing in a path breaking script.

Thumbs Up:

Story and Screenplay

Venkatesh Performance


Thumbs Down:

Slow first half


Drushyam is a well made remake that doesn't deviate a bit from the original. The script is so strong that it will arrest the viewers. It starts off as a pleasant family film and takes a surprising turn. It is a thrilling ride from that point and viewers cannot take eyes off the screen with so much happening on the screen.

It is rare to find such a script driven film these days where directors are playing it safe by making saleable entertainers. Drushyam will give a new viewing experience altogether to our audience who were fed by numerous masala potboilers. The film may not have commercial format that we are used to, but it has some exciting scenes and situations that makes this film commercially viable.

There are some logical glitches here and there, but they can be easily overlooked due to the beauty of narration. The flow is very smooth and you will never feel the lag after the real story begins. However films like these are very new to our audience and we have to wait and see how far it could penetrate in to our mass dominated market. Drushyam will surely appeal to movie lovers and urban audience who are not alien to foreign films. Would it connect to the majority of filmgoers? This is what decides the range of this film on the commercial front. As a movie Drushyam is well made film that shouldn't be missed.

Verdict:  Drushyam is a must watch

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