You are at Dhanush 'Rail' Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Dhanush 'Rail' Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Cast: Dhanush, Keerthy Suresh, Karunakaran
Directed by: Directed name
Produced by: Adi Reddy, Aditya
Music by: D Imman
Release Date: 09/22/2016
Dhanush 'Rail' - Story
Balli Sivaji (Dhanush) is one of the pantry men in a train.He is an orphan and is brought up in the railway station. He meets with Saroja (Keerthi Suresh), a touch up girl of heroine Sireesha while delivering their orders and falls for her at the very first sight and he starts playing gimmicks to make her fall for him. She is an aspiring singer who has a very bad voice. Shivaji deceives her quoting Seetharamasastri as his friend. She falls for him by this and they are happy with each other in that journey. It all crashes when Shivaji's false statements are revealed to Saroja by her madam which makes her to take a decision to die. Things go out of control due to some personal emotions of people and train goes overspeed where engine driver become unconscious. How this train is stopped?? How Shivaji sort out his problems with Saroja?? forms the rest of the story.
Dhanush 'Rail' - Star Performance
As usual Dhanush scores with his performance as Pantry man. The Next Door Boy looks help him a lot and he seems to be serving food in the train. As always and as per rule books, he meets Saroja (Keerthy Suresh) and falls in love at once. He shares his passionate feelings and they fall in love with each other. His counter one-liners are awesome and that pushes the movie a bit. Thambi Ramaiah and Radharavi have given their best performances yet again and that also lifts the movie to a whole new level. We also have supporting cast from Ganesh Venkatraman, Chinni Jayanth and many more. Harish Uttaman is totally annoying. Keerthy Suresh is pretty. But that's it. She is too artificial in romantic scenes. Why is she dressed in rags ? In second half of the movie, Dhanush jumps, fights, romances, runs over train... Uufff...! Please Dhanush kindly avoid such scenes in near future. There's a complete lack of humour, or suspense. The ending is entirely predictable. Rest of the cast don't even make an impact on us. They are just passers by.
Dhanush 'Rail' - Technical Team
Vetrivel Mahendran's Cinematography deserves special mention. His cinematography was exemplary. He catches all expression in point of interest and makes you have a feeling that you are a co-traveler in that train. Cinematography has been phenomenal. Imman composes same tunes and he just changes the vocals. You can do better Imman. Background score should create some goosebumps. Instead it doesn't. Pretty average music. LVK Doss has done a disastrous editing work. Running time of the movie is 167 minutes and most of them in theatre were snoring after a while. Songs were stuffed in unwanted spots. Production values are good. However they are wasted on a shallow story with sluggish screenplay. Art Durectir deserves special mention as he has crafted the interiors of train so beautifully. Nothing much to brag about the rest of the cast.
Dhanush 'Rail' - Analysis
It begins with the character introduction of Dhanush as Balli Shivaji who is a pantry man and also an orphan. This half fully relies on the comedy of Dhanush, Karunakaran and Thambi Ramaiah. At the same time love story between Dhanush and Keerthi Suresh takes place which is not fully convincing and lacks depth. Interval comes where the story goes into exciting mode. But director failed to handle the curiosity he created with the first half in the second half and it acts as a big let down. The script is very serious of type and director has succeeded in delivering comedy in the scenes. The way Dhanush & Keerthi Suresh stop the speeding train is not convincing at all. To summarise, this movie is South Indian version of Hollywood film Unstoppable.

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