You are at Kalavathi Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Kalavathi Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Cast: Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika, Poonam Bajwa and Radha Ravi
Directed by: Sundar C
Produced by: Kushboo
Music by: Hip Hop Tamizha
Release Date: 29 January 2016

Murali(Siddharth) heads back to his native place along with his fiancee Anitha (Trisha) after knowing that his father is in his last stages of life. As soon as the couple land there, some weird things start happening in their house. This is also the time when Anita's bother(Sundar C) enters the scene and takes things in his hands. He installs cameras all over the bungalow and records everything what's going on. After a terrible incident involving Murali's brother, everyone decides to look at the recorded footage. To their surprise, they find out that the ghost in the footage is none other than Murali's own sister Kalavathi(Hansika). What is the actual back story behind Kalavathi ? and Why is she after every one in the house ? To know answers to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Kalavathi-Star Performance

Actor Siddharth has done good job, he performed well in emotional as well as in romantic scenes. The performance of Trisha is up to the mark and her glamour became successful to grab several eyeballs especially in the beach song. Her romantic chemistry with Siddharth is appreciable on the screen. Hansika has done justification with her role, she appeared in two different shades and became successful to maintain the balance between emotional scenes and horror scenes. Her terrific performance receives lot of applauses. Poonam Bajwa did not get much screen space and appeared in the role of Malayali Nurse. Sundar C was seen is limited role and performed well. Radha Ravi in the role of father and Subbu Panchu as brother performed well. Sarala and Soori tried to give much laugh to the audience but became fail to give much laugh.

Kalavathi-Technical Team
Few humorous scenes do not get well with the flow of the storyline. Director Sundar C came up with fresh story and tried to deliver newness in few scenes but few scenes in the movie are outdated, which audiences have watched number of times in Telugu movies. The placement of couples of the songs looks like path breaker. The music which is scored by Hip Hop Tamizha is ok but in few scenes it is too loud. Dialogues are neat and delivered well. The major attraction of the movie is 103 feet statue of Amma Vari, which attracted the attention of audiences. The cinematography work is good which is handled by Senthil Kumar. The movie can be better by chopping few unnecessary scenes. Editing work is done by NB Srikanth, which is not up to the mark. The climax of the movie could have been executed better.
The audiences did not get any special and new watchable things in the movie. Director Sundar C tries to maintain the right doses of comedy and horror. The first half of the movie is good and entertaining but the second half of the movie is dragged at certain places that disappointing the audiences.

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