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Gaddam Gang Movie Review (1.0 / 5.0 )

Gaddam Gang Review

Review : Gaddam Gang (1.0 / 5.0)

Cast: Dr. Rajasekhar,Sheena Shahabadi,Naresh,Seetha
Directed by: Santhosh P
Produced by: Jeevitha
Music by: Achu
Release Date: February 6th 2015.

Bottom Line: Look out for Other Options!!

What is GoodWhat is Bad
Concept Screenplay
Cinematography Tamil Flavour
Few Comedy Scenes Editing
Forced scenes

Gaddam Gang Review - Story
Gaddam Gang is a story of 4 guys who happens to meet during a fight at wine shop. They become one and start a 'Danda' with Daas (Rajasekhar) direction. Pandu,Ramesh(Sathyam Rajesh) and Suresh(Atchu) along with Daas develops business to an extent. Story takes twist when one of their victim's father contacts them for a kidnap. He wants them to kidnap Finance Minister Dhaarmaraju's (Senior Naresh) son Sathya Harishchandra. How Geddam Gang deals with big guns and comes out of that problem is remaining plot.
Gaddam Gang Review - Star Performance
As mentally perturbed kidnapper, Rajasekhar's performance was ok. Director failed miserbly to capture the essence of hero character from Tamil Soodhu Kavvum. Anyways his mannerisms will please you little.
Sheena Shahabadi is feast on screen and apt to her role. Yet her character could have been etched well.
Soddhu Kavvum fame Yog Jappe role as Gabbar Singh injected only for climax.
Comedy with Sathyam Rajesh, Achu and the other gang doesn't tickle your funny bone.
Senior Naresh, Sapthagiri and Raghubabu are capable of much better and roles like than this.

Naga Babu is fine in his character.

Gaddam Gang Review - Technical Team
Gaddam Gang is a remake of 2013 blockbuster Tamil film Soodhu. It talks about a simple concept, with some mentally deranged characters and their characterizations adds new dimension to the proceedings. The major issue with the Telugu version is the director Sathosh Jayakumar, fails to excite much finesse into this film.
Dialogue writer just converted tamil dialogues in telugu. He must have spent sometime to match it for telugu screenplay and nativity. That's where movie lacks its essence.
For these kind of concepts, it is crisp dialogues and editing are souls. Those are departments failed completely.
Coming to other technical departments, Cinematographer Demel X Edwards's work is neat. He properly utilized the locales provided by the makers. Music by Achu is alright.

Background Score of the film is fine.The production values of Shivani Shivatmika Movies are good.

Gaddam Gang Review - Analysis
Over all Gaddam Gang is not the one to entertain you this weekend.None of the cast including Rajasekhar can save the movie. Directors one take of 'Scene to scene' remake makes your life miserable for two and half hours. Better lookout for other options.

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