You are at Hindi Movie Review : 3 A.M - 1/5 Star

Hindi Movie Review : 3 A.M - 1/5 Star

3 A.M Movie Review Rating - 1/5 Star

Starring : Rannvijay Singh, Anindita Nayar

Producer : Handprint Pictures, Essel Vision Productions Ltd

Director : Vishal Mahadkar

Music Director : Mannan, Raeth band

Filmmaker Vishal Mahadkar comes up with a horror flick, starring VJ turned actor Ranvijay Singh and newcomer Anindita Nayar. Titled 3A.M, the film hits the theatres today. Lets see how it is…


The story is of a sucessful VJ Sunny (Ranvijay) who lives with his girlfriend Serena. They are about to get married. But suddenly, she is found hanging in a haunted mill in a very suspicious manner. Sunny overcomes his personel tragedy and decides to find answers to his questions. For this he decides to make a series on paranormal theme that kickstarts with shooting in the very same Rudra Mill where she was found hanging. Sunny with his colleagues Raj and Cyrus will witness something that is going to change their lives forever.

Will the three survive in the haunted house? And will Sunny be able to find the real reason to his fiance’s death? Forms the rest of the story…

Negative Points:

Out of the n number of horror movies made in bollywood, there were only a number handful which have managed to make the audiences. Now, 3AM belongs to the section out of the handful. With the same old cliched concept and origin of ghosts that has been going on since ages, the movie offers nothing new. The film starts with the same old idea of a youngster trying to enter a haunted space to explore the ghosts present there and ends with an extremely lame and stupid climax.

Director Vishal Mahadkar comes up with a boring plot, which gets a little better by the second half, but then thats too late. The viewera are already bored and even start to leave the movie half way. He lacks the capability of using his actors to make a dull script glow.

Actors Anindita Nayar, Salil Acharya and Kavin Dave have not been given much scope to flaunt their talent and even in the places that they have, they do not manage to impress.

Positive Points:

Ranvijay’s performance is praise-worthy, but being involved in a lame script, does not help showcase his best work. So goes the case with actors.

While the first half is pretty predictable, the second half has a few unpredicatble moments that may keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Also the backgroud music and sound effects mamage to develop some spook in this dull plot.

Technical Aspects:

Technical the movie is sound. Even the music of the film is as boring as the ghosts in the movie, the backgroud sound effects and cinematography is decent. The screenplay is tried and tested around 100 times before in bollywood and the editing could have been better. Diologues again are picked up from the 90's horror movies.


On a whole, 3 A.M neither manages to scare you or entertain you in an form. Giving it a miss would be the best thing to do.

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