You are at Oka Laila Kosam (1.75 /5) Movie Review, Rating

Oka Laila Kosam (1.75 /5) Movie Review, Rating

Telugu Movie : Oka Laila Kosam Movie Review & Rating - 1.75 /5

Cast & Crew :Naga Chaitanya, Pooja Hegde, Brahmanandam, Nassar, Ashish Vidyarthi

Director :Vijay Kumar Konda

Genre :Comedy, Romance

Bottom LineRoutine Boring Story!!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Youthful, Romantic story
Naga Chaitanya's performance
Pooja Hegde's beauty
Thin Story
Routine Script 
Second Half Drag
No interesting twists
Oka Laila Kosam Review - Story

Oka Laila Kosam begins in the usual Tollywood manner – Son of a businessman (Suman), Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) who is a university topper refuses plump offers to explore happiness in life. His father gives 6 months time failing which he should listen to his father.

Karthik while enjoying his days gets attracted to Nandana (Pooja Hegde), who just like him enjoys natural beauty. Karthik meanwhile starts writing a book named 'Oka Laila Kosam' highlighting his quest for happiness. His father meanwhile tries to get him married as Kartik is enjoying life like a rudderless ship.However Karthik's uncle Pandu (Ali) who has a grudge tries to break the marriage of Karthik with the daughter of influential person (Shayaji Shinde). 
To find out where Karthik's quest for happiness lead him to enjoy Oka Laila Kosam on silver screen.

Oka Laila Kosam Review - Star Performance

Talking about performances, Pooja Hegde shows improvement from her debut film ”Mask” and you will like her as the adamant girl. Chinmayi has done a fine job in dubbing for her. Naga Chaitanya is as usual a good performer, but doesn’t yet show the mettle to carry an entire movie on his sole shoulders. Shyammala, Madhu are okay. Shayaji Shinde, Suman Talwar, ROhini and Sudha are just lovely, as elegant Telugu parents. Ali made his presence felt as Pandu. Posani Krishna Murali, Josh Ravi even Vennala Kishore were moderate in their cameos. Others have done justice to their roles.

Oka Laila Kosam Review - Techinical Team

The story (Vijay Kumar) admittedly has some elements and situations that are totally typical. However, the culprit is the sapless and tawdry screenplay with some inanely bromidic dialogues. The problem is that when the story is expanded to a screenplay, the story is a given a routine treatment that is quite typically Telugu filmy, which end up cutting the whole film and the point it is actually trying to make. Though dealing with essentially just 3 central characters, the script is unable to shape them out convincingly and their interplay is not consistent either. Movie even inspired few scenes from Dil, Aatadistha, Lovely, Mass, Nuvu Vasthanante Nenundantanna etc. The romantic track in particular is insipid.

It is in the treatment that the film goes wrong. The director, Vijay Kumar Konda can't get a steady pace for his narrative, rushing through the first half, Karthik and Nandana’s meeting, their tom n jerry fights, the development of their romance, only to lag in the second half. For a rom-com, Vijay also lets the film get a bit too melodramatic in the second half. There's no doubt that the film could have been better edited (Editing by Praveen Pudi).

With the landscapes of Switzerland and Hyderabad in the backdrop, the film’s cinematography by I. Andrew offers quite a few memorable visuals. The music from Anoop Rubens has their trademark touch, and manages to hit the mark. However, one wishes tracks like Oka Laila Kosam and O Meri Janejana could have been used better. While the background score shows desperation to try and bring the film to life but doesn’t quite succeed. Costumes by Niraja Kona are gaudy. Fights (by Vijay-Ram Lakshman-Venkat) deserve a special applause. Production Values of Annapurna Studious are grand.

Oka Laila Kosam Review - Analysis

OLK actually has some obliging situations and interesting pair but regrettably the screenplay and treatment have no idea what to do with them. First half of the film is flat, whereas the drama in the second half doesn’t hold. The outcome is yet another case of “had potential couldn't deliver”, a syndrome that Telugu cinema is blight with for quite some time now. To cut the long story short, “Oka Laila Kosam” starts promisingly, bringing on some grins, but those grins vanish faster than it takes to “say cheese”.

Oka Laila Kosam Live Updates!

11:30am: Ee kshanam Kuda Nanu gellipinchadanaki nuvu oodipothunnav .. Pooja accepts the proposal.. HAPPY ENDING!!..

11:15am: Preminchadam em undi Email Unna prathi vadu premisthadu, preminchabadam important....

11:08am: Scenes dragging things here. "Nene Nuvvani" is a good track. Showcasing Karthik True Love...

11:01am: Similar to MASS film, Karthik starts showcasing his love on Nandana. But Jijo (Ajay) spoils the party..

10:45am: Things are moving to sentimental now, and Nandana accepts father's marriage proposal..

10:39am: Bobby (Josh Ravi) confusing comedy is decent fun. But totally unnecessary....

10:35am: "O Cheli" song shot in brilliant locations of Swiss. Pooja steals the show with her cuteness..

10:28am: Similar to Pandu teasing scene in Ninne Pelladutha, Here is a scene on Puttumacha...

10:19am: Post Interval, things move at snail pace. But Ali's comedy is major asset..

10:09am: ...INTERVAL TIME...

9:59am: In the meantime, Nandana & Karthik parents plan Pelli Chuppulu.. Pandu confusing things tickle the funny bones......

9:50am: Pandu (Ali) returns to India. India lo mana dabba maname kottukovali.. A much needed comic relief.....

9:45am: "O Meri Jaane Jana" one of the best songs of Oka Laila Kosam. Finely shot and Choreographed Naga Chaitanya gives his best...

9:40am: Neeku evaru propose cheyyaledu ante neelo edho lopam undi.. The continuation scene still drags the things here..

9:35am: Multimedia scene recalls our fond memories of DIL movie....

9:32am: "Bhoomi meeda Devathalu unnaru annadaniki thane example"... Karthik finally proposes her...

9:25am: Karthik even misses her for the second time. Time for the Oka Laila Kosam Title track. Karthik continues the search in the track..

9:20am: Here enters Pandu (Ali).. His Flash back issue with Karthik (Nag Chaitanya) is totally Hilariously shot.. Mirchi BGM totally elevates the scene here...

9:17am: Address leni naa jeevitham goal ah ammayi.. Starts writing a book "Oka Laila Kosam".. ...

9:13am: Karthik starts liking Nandana (Pooja) from the first instance. Till now it refers to few Tollywood superhits...

9:07am: "Freedom" song is nicely shot. Locales are good..

9:03am: Karthik gets Gold medal in Indian School of Business Studies. And plans to enjoy a year of hes time post graduation....

8:55am: Show time Oka Laila Kosam a U/A certified 150 Minutes movie.....

8:50am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning welcome to the for tweets live updates of Oka Laila Kosam Movie...

Oka Laila Kosam is an telugu film directed by Vijay Kumar Konda and produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna. Naga Chaitanya and Pooja Hedge are acting main role in these movie. Oka Laila Kosam music is composed by Anoop Rubens and he has given a wonderful music..

Oka Laila Kosam Movie All Updates

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