You are at Review : (1.0 / 5.0 ) Chakkiligintha Movie Review

Review : (1.0 / 5.0 ) Chakkiligintha Movie Review

Review : Chakkiligintha (1.0 / 5.0)
Cast : Sumanth Ashwin, Rehana (Mruthika),
Producer : Narasimha Chary,Narasimha Reddy Ilavala
Director : Vema Reddy
Music : Mickey J Meyer
Releasing on: 5-12-2014

Bottom Line:  Another Lifeless Love Story!

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Lead Performances
Narration & Length
2nd Half

Chakkiligintha Movie Review - Story

Adi (Sumanth Ashwin) a happy go lucky guy, studies in MIT College, Hyderabad. The one who hates running behind girl to express their true love.He makes his friends to take a pledge that they will avoid girls at any cost.Then comes Avanthika (Rehana) from Vizag. The most intelligent flirt. Adi starts falling in the trap of Avanthika. In a short time, Adi proposes Avi in the college and she rejects the proposal in the public. But he never stops loving her. At this time, Rahul (Chaitanya Krishna) enters to distrub Adi’s plans. Who is Rahul? What’s his equation with Avi? Did Avanthika parents accept love marriage and will Avanthika consider Adi’s love forms the rest of the storyline

Chakkiligintha Review - Star Performance

Sumanth Ashwin’s performance and dialogue delivery has improved considerably.Yet some liveliness is missing.He seems to have necessary talent and looks for teenage entertainers. Rehana looks pretty in her looks and performance is fine. The chemistry between the lead pair was missing the magical feel. Thagubothu Ramesh and Sapthagiri limited to small roles and are wasted. Comedians Viva Harsha, Madhu and Srinu failed to tickle the funny bones of the audience. Appaji and Surekha Vani are decent as Rehana’s parents.

 Chakkiligintha Review - Techinical Team

A love story at least has to evoke emotions.Script is the culprit here. Except for the main lead story other characters were not perfectly developed to blend into the script. Some kind of balance between the story gaps would have really helped the movie.

The second half of the film is too lengthy and should have edited severely to leave some impact on the audience. Background Score of the film is okay. Cinematography (by Sai Sriram) is one of those rare aces in the movie along with its eye catching costume designing. The way he makes use of the localities and lighting deserves a special mention.

Karthik Srinivas editing could have applied his scissors more sharply. Dialogues in the film are routine. Choreography suits the tune of the film. Production values of Ilavala Films and Mahi’s entertainment pvt. Ltd are good.

Chakkiligintha Review - Analysis

On the whole, Chakkiligintha starts off good, giving one a Broadway feel then comes the downer. A powerful sleeping draught, that isn’t recommended for inveterate sleeplessness.

Vema Reddy Could have been spent little more time to make the film watchable.

Review : Chakkiligintha Movie Live Review
11:45 AM : Climax Done.. Keep Watching for Full Movie Review
11:35 AM : Twist in the tale. Movie heading towards climax. ...
11:25 AM : The fourth song 'Baby my lover' is on now. Movie is moving at quite a slow pace.even choreography is okay. 
11:15 AM : Young hero Chaitanya krishna makes an entry now...
11:05 AM : The third song Idivarake.. on now. Typical Mickey J Meyer song. Vizag looks beautiful.
11:00 AM : Surekha Vani makes an entry
10:50 AM : Post interval the movie heads to Vizag. ..
10:40 AM : Interval now.
10:35 AM : Simple yet interesting twist in the tale. Movie heading towards interval.
10:25 AM : The second song is on now. Camerawork is quite good in the film.
10:15 AM : An intense fight breaks out now.
10:10 AM: Rehana starts playing with Adi's philosophy and starts flirting him. 
10:05 AM: Post Phase 1 (Avoid Girls), phase 2 time (Act as Girls)... Rehana cracks the Adi's formula and Adi turns Rehana as Girl Friend for a challenge. Adi( Sumanth Ashwin)
10:00 AM : Some comedy scenes are now on between Adi and Viva Harsha
09:55 AM : Heroine Rehana makes an entry...Some college comedy episodes are on now.
09:45 AM : The first song 'Avoid Girls' is on now. College visuals look quite colorful.
09:40 AM : Sumanth Ashwin makes an rocking entry... As Adi
09:35 AM : The movie has just started and the titles are now rolling.. Viva Harsha makes an entry and some college scenes are now being showcased...
09:30 AM : Hello All, we are getting you the live updates of Sumanth Ashwin's 'Chakkiligintha' Movie Live Review. Directed by Vemma Reddy, this romantic entertainer features Rehana as the female lead.

Chakkiligintha Movie Trailer

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