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Jai Hind 2 Movie Review (1/ 5.0)


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Telugu Movie - Jai Hind 2 Movie Review (1 / 5.0)

Cast : Arjun, Surveen Chawla, Rahul Dev, Simran Kapoor

Director : Arjun Janya

Producer : Ashok

Music Director : Arjun Janya

Bottom Line :  Arjun - One Man Show!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Action  Sequences
Social Message
Forced Comedy Episodes
First 20 Mins
Surveen Chawla and Simran Kapoor

Jai Hind 2 Review - Story

Jai Hind was one of Arjun’s biggest hit of the 90’s. After a long gap, he is now back with its sequel titled Jai Hind 2. Directed by Arjun himself, this action entertainer has hit the screenstoday. Let’s see how it is.

The story Begins off with the suicide of Shafi who kills himself as he cannot afford the costly education of his children in a rich corporate school. This incident deeply hurts Abhimanyu(Arjun) who in turn decides to take on the corporate structure of the educational system.

His speeches and ideas become huge, and the media also makes this a big issue. Twist in the tale comes in when the association of the corporate schools decides to go against him. Rest of the story is as to how Abhimanyu fights against this corporate system and proves his point.

Jai Hind 2 Review - Star Performance

Arjun looks super fit and suits the heroes role aptly. As usual, he is excellent in all the action and emotional sequences. Major plus point of the film is Arjun and his role. Even at the age of 50.He carries the entire film on his shoulders by handling more than one department quite convincingly.The forcedcomedy episodes of Ali and Brahmanandam do not help matters much. This comedy track does not have much depth and fails to bring in any laughs. Both the female leads Surveen Chawla and Simran Kapoor does not have much to do in the film.Villain’s character has not been justified clearly.

Jai Hind 2 Review - Techinical Team

 Amar Mohile’s music is decent, all the songs in the film act as speed breakers. Re-recording of the film is quite good and takes the film to another level. The fights choreographed by Arjun are top class and entertain you well. Cinematography is just about ok and so is the editing.Jai Hind 2 is Arjun’s baby all the way. Right from the screenplay to the direction and production, Arjun has handled all departments quite decently. Even though he faltered during the first half an hour, he holds grip during the rest of the film. The way he handles a film with a strong social message is endearing.

Jai Hind 2 Review - Analysis

On the whole, Jai Hind 2 is an out and out Arjun film right till the end. Be it his acting, stunts or direction, he handles every department convincingly. But an extended run time, forced comedy track and tedious first half an hour stops this film from becoming an complete action entertainer. Finally, all those who love serious films with a social message will end up liking this one.

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