You are at Police Telugu Movie Review (2.5/5.0)

Police Telugu Movie Review (2.5/5.0)

Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Amy Jackson
Directed by: Atlee Kumar
Produced by: Dil Raju
Music by: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Release date: April 15th, 2016
Police - Story
Vijay Kumar (Vijay), is a strict cop in police department, who led his life along his mother (Radhika Sarathkumar). One beautiful day he meets Mithra (Samantha) from that time onwards both starts there love journey. On other hand Radhika plans to do marriage of her son.

Mahendran is a cruel leading local rowdy in Chennai city. He continuously troubles the Vijay Kumar in all aspects. Unexpectedly Vijay left the place along with his lovable daughter (Nainika) and changed his name as Joseph Kuruvilla.

Second heroine Amy Jackson is plays as school teacher. She falls in love with Joseph Kuruvilla. What happen to Mithra? Why he changed his original Id? What is going to happen next? For answers people have to watch movie in cinema theaters.
Police - Star Performance
Actor Vijay once again attracted all Telugu audiences with wonderful performed as strict Police officer and perfect father.

Tollywood young and top actress Samantha presented as wife of Vijay in film. As usually she impressed with her traditional house wife look. Even Amy Jackson also performed well up to the mark.

Well known senior actor Prabhu appeared as major supporting role. Mahendran also acted well opposite role.
Police - Technical Team
Music of the film is hugely disappointing as none of the songs manage to register. Background score by G V Prakash is superb and elevates the film in right areas. Screenplay is average as major scenes could have been set crisply into the narration. Production values are superb as the film looks rich in texture and the thumping camera work supports the visuals supremely well.

Coming to the director Atlee, he has once again dealt with the various emotions decently. The way he has handled a huge star like Vijay and showcased him is very impressive. Had he added a few more thrilling elements and cut down on the run time and unnecessary scenes the effect would have been even better.
Police - Analysis
Even though Police is a hugely predictable film from the word go, elements like Vijay's performance, Samantha's lovable character and some commercial thrills will keep you interested in the proceedings. Vijay's fans would have loved his role in Tamil but for the Telugu audience, this film is just a passable masala entertainer.
Police - Trailer

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