You are at Babu Bangaram Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Babu Bangaram Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Cast: Venkatesh, Nayanthara, Sampath Raj, Prudhvi raj, Posani Krishna Murali, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore and others
Directed by: Maruthi
Produced by: Naga Vamsi Suryadevara, PDV Prasad
Music by: Ghibran
Release Date: 08/11/2016
Babu Bangaram - Story
Krishna aka Babu Bangaram is an ACP who is kind to an extremely high level who cannot tolerate other's suffering. By seeing the hardships facing by Sailaja (Nayanathara) whose father Sastry (Murali Sharma) is absconding, Krishna decide to help Sailaja and falls for her. He slowly becomes like a member in her family and proposes her for which she is positive. It makes her brother in law Batthayi Babu (Thirty Years Prudhvi) angry as he is trying to marry her and makes a mess in her home leaving oldie end in hospital. Absconded father comes to hospital to see his mother and their family comes to know that it is a sketch penned by Krishna to nab Sastry. Why is Sastry absconding?? How Krishna solve all the problems form the rest of the story.
Babu Bangaram - Star Performance
Venkatesh was totally mind-blowing and his style is simply superb. Coming to Nayanatara, she has done her best and got down emotions on screen. 30 years Prudhvi has quite a lengthy character that added the comedy punch to the flick. Others have done a decent job.
Babu Bangaram - Technical Team
Production values are very good and so is Ghibran's music. Maruthi's screenplay is neat as he takes a routine story and narrates it with enough fun. Dialogues have been written with a lot of wit and work well with characters of Venky and Pruthvi. Camera work is stunning and showcases the film in a superb light. Coming to the director Maruthi, he has done a decent job with the film. He extracts superb performance from Venky and showcases him in different shades. While he executes the first half in a hilarious way, he makes the second part a bit serious. However, Maruthi score heavily as he ends the last fifteen minutes with some good dose of comedy and brings vintage Venky back.
Babu Bangaram - Analysis
As Maruthi's previous movie Bhale Bhale Magadivoi is a story of a person with memory loss, Babu Bangaram is a story of a person with highly kind heart. How he solved his lover's problem putting his kindness aside is the core of Babu Bangaram. First half has some hilarious moments involving Venkatesh, Prudhvi, Vennela Kishore and others. After a series of comic scenes without moving story even an inch forward Interval comes where a twist which is convincing but not highly interesting.After an average and entertaining first half second half begins in a serious mode. Everything starts revealing and story is moved forward. Entertainment levels slowly decreases which everyone expects from Venkatesh and Maruthi. In terms of script and tried his best to show Venkatesh in a new way and he is succeeded to a good level. He tried his best to inject comedy wherever possible and has used Prudhvi, Vennela Kishore and Posani Krishna Murali and Brahmanandam. On whole this is a cool piece of entertainment.

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