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Review : Pataas (Patas)

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చదవండి: తెలుగు లో రివ్యూ : పటాస్

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Cast: Kalyan Ram, Shruti Sodhi
Directed by: Anil Ravipudi
Produced by: Kalyan Ram
Music by: Sai Karthik
Releasing on: January 23rd
What is goodWhat is bad
  • Kalyan Ram Action Scenes
  • Comedy Scenes
  • MS Narayana Comedy
  • Pre Interval Scenes
  • Camera Work
  • Cinematography
  • Music
  • Second half
  • Climax..
Patas Review - Story

ACP Kalyan (Nandamuri Kalyanram) does not shy from taking bribes, and supports crime for his revenge. In the meantime, he Met with Shruti (Shruti Sodhi) a TV5 crime reporter.At the First look He Loves her then, He starts going behind her to propose his love. As Usual she rejects her seeing his corrupt behavior as a police officer.

A Sudden murder in the city, Makes him Sudden Change to his corrupted oficer behaviour and takes a cleanup drive after initially going slow on local mafia and corrupt politician GK (Ashutosh Rana).

To Know What made a corrupt cop turn honest? Who is the person behind his reluctant behavior? Will Shruti accept ACP Kalyan's love forms the rest of the storyline.

Patas Review - Star Performance

Kalyan Ram - Pataas is Kalyan Ram Show Till the End. He romances, he dances, he fights, and he shows his acting chops and he does it all with his Emotional,Coolness,Stunts and all behavious he does in all circumstances . Unfortunately Some Places his screen presence didn't suited properly,The Story writer elevation is not Up to the mark.

Shruti Sodhi -Shruti Sodhi was not properly casted and It's good to see Silent Melody fame Prachi Thakkar on the big screen. She is fine in her limited character. The lead actor Kalyan ram is ably supported by the police gang (Srinivas Reddy, Shankar, Polu Srikanth Reddy) and Dialogue king Sai Kumar.

Sai Kumar - Director perfectly utilized Sai Kumar's experience and elevated the pre-interval sequence with some intense dialogues evene beore climax.

Ashutosh Rana - As A vilan he has a solid screen presense, Excellent direction.

Late MS Narayana delivers a top-notch performance (Best Comedy Scenes) as Tsunami star. Posani Krishna Murali and J P Reddy were not properly handled by the director.

Patas Review - Technical Team

Not Much about the story,It's same old copy story (Dookudu,Lakshinarshimha,Power,Jagapathi.. etc), up against the goon turned politician. Writer have focused more on the police power than going with a personal revenge drama in the film.There is not much romancec in the movie, Director Should have added some romantic scenes in the film along with the action sequences.

The whole commercial touch along with fine detailing was highly missing. The writer / director must be appreciated for his sequencing and timing of commercial ingredients (be it comedy track, song or a fight sequence). Due to which narrative does engage in bits and parts. Some comedy pieces are really funny and the action sequences are pretty good too (major credit goes to the cinematographer though). However, there is also a lot of potential that never gets fully realized. The culprit is random mixing of emotional drama with comedy (Which is Inspired from various Telugu movies).Camerawork is good and showcases the thrills well.

Director should have focused more on the proper emotional bonding between Sai Kumar - Kalyanram and Prachi Thakkar - Kalyanram characters rather focusing more on the corrupt police officer. The romance is silly but one consolation is that the silliness is restricted to Shruti Sodhi Character.

Coming over to other Technical aspects, Music by Sai Karthik disappoints, but luckily "Arey-o-Samba" song works in the favor of him. Background Score gives us the déjà vu of various popular scores.

Cinematography (by Sarvesh Murari) is good. He elevates the songs and action episodes with his framing. Dialogues in the film miss the fulfill-ness. Like Sincere Police officer suspend avuthadu lekkunte chachipothadu; Prathiodiki oka spoon temper untadi kani police vadiki adhi ton lo untadi; Department ki nenu enduku vachana annela panichesta., etc...

Action choreography is fine. The producer Kalyanram has spent a good amount of time and effort on its postproduction, which is evident on screen. Production values are decent.

Patas Review - Analysis

The first half of the film is full of regular comedy and Punch dialogues aimed at making audiences laugh out loud, The second half of the film Action scenes, Punch Dialouges and later shifts to comedy with limited of hilarious scenes. This is a film that needed to maintain one mood throughout but it keeps changing its mind at regular intervals.On Top of it the climax was emotionless and dragged.

On the whole, Pataas is better than his last few movies, but it's a film for those who love commercial entertainers.

Running : Pataas(Patas) Live Review Updates Click Here

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