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Karthikeya Review (2.0/ 5.0)

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Karthikeya Movie Review (2.0/5.0) 

Cast & Crew :Nikhil Siddhartha, Swathi, Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, Nassar

Director :Chandoo Mondeti

Language :Telugu

Bottom Line :  A Flat Thriller!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Climax Taking 
Second Half Of the Movie
Half Baked characters

Karthikeya Review - Story

The story revolves around the mysterious Subramanyeswara Swamy temple in Subramanyapuram. The temple is shut down for mysterious reasons, and all those who try to find out the story behind this get killed by a deadly snake bite.

On the other hand, Katrhik(Nikhil) is an intelligent medical student who is posted to Subramanyapuram along with his group. Once they land there, mysterious things start happening to him and his group. A pretty upset Karthik decides to take things in his hands and solve the mystery himself.

What is the mystery behind the temple ? Why are people dying of snake bites ? Will Karthik be able to solve the mystery ? That forms the rest of the story.

Karthikeya Review - Star Performance

Everything seems half baked or in some cases completely uncooked. Nikhil Siddhartha looks good, but seemed a bit off playing the mature character. Swathi’s character doesn’t really have much to do, nonetheless she tried her best and passes off as average. Rao Ramesh plays the part with utmost conviction. Kishore is simply wasted in an absurd role. Tanikella Bharini did full justice for his small character. Satya, Praveen and Jogi brothers succeed in tickling some funny bones. Tulasi as sentimental mother is just about okay.

Karthikeya Review - Techinical Team

The story starts on a decent note and then manages to grab your attention until the weak and puerile climax. The writer manage the weave a good mesh around the concept, but as it keeps unlaxing the twists turns out to be predictable and lame. The love track hamper the flow of the movie. The romantic part was unwanted and act as speed breakers to the suspense narration. The first half of the film passes by very swiftly, despite the songs. But post interval, Karthikeya turns interesting with the scientific and credulity. And end the film, as we left with message, If we don't understand doesn't mean that the explanation doesn't exist.

Chandu Mondeti as a debutant director looks very promising and surely can be given a benefit of doubt, as the problem lies in the scripting. Some scenes like; Sketchy narration of the Temple’s history, Revealing Animal Magnetism, and Tanikella Bharini - Nikhil’s conversation in the end are brightly shot. His direction somehow, induces life in the film otherwise a dull affair. As a result, even though the films running time is two hours, it seems much longer than that. Punnami Vennala & Inthalo songs are very good. The other songs are fine and do not add much value to the narrative. Karthik Gattamneni’s cinematography is very good. The shots at the guest house deserves a special mention. Editor K Srinivas could have cut short the film by 10-15 minutes. VFX shots in the film are brilliant elevates the flashback episodes. The production values of Magnus CIne Prime are fine.

Karthikeya Review - Analysis

Thankfully here is a suspense thriller film that stays true to the genre and makes an honest attempt to keep a viewer interested. Okay, so it may not be as polished a product as a Murari or as intriguing as a Anveshana; still the fact remains that when it comes to an overall narrative, director Chandu Modeti has his basics well in place.

Suspense Thriller movies have been attempted in Tollywood earlier, but Karthikeya comes at a time when Suspense thriller movies are as good as extinct in Tollywood. And that’s its USP. The History – in Cartoonish way, Conversations for Blindfaith – Belief, Comparisons between Science and Miracle will surely compel you while watching the film. As the film ends on a note which gives a clear indication of Karthikeya being developed as a franchise with Part 2 in the offering. Its even interesting what the makers have to offer next. All in all, Karthikeya is a different movie with a potentially good concept. Worth a shot.

Karthikeya Movie Live Review  - Story

11:40am: Karthik links up the issue with facts leaves an open ending for the sequel...

11:35am: Devudu unnado ledo cheppalenu but prathi poojaku, prathi prayer ki prathiphalam unthundi : Karthik (Nikhil)..

11:24am: Karthik finds the history of Subrahmanyapuram at Tanjavoor..

11:16am: Karthik captures the snake and Jayaprakash tries to explation the truth behind the attack..

11:05am: Karthik (Nikhil) keeps his love proposal before Tanikella Bharini. Snake attack Karthik..

10:50am: Post Interval. Karthik starts reading the flash back of Subrahmanyapuram and starts finding clues.. .

10:29am: Rajesh (Kishore) meets with an severe accident in route to Subrahmanyapuram. Karthik finds the Shankar's secreat book...

10:15am: Subrahmanyapuram scenes are moving at a predictable note. Romantic angle dropping the pace. "Inthalo" track is prefectly shot. Swathi looks pretty in the track...

10:15am: Karthik leaves to Subrahmanyapuram for the medical camp . Sekhar Chandra's elevates every scene as of now with his BGM..

10:10am: Endorsement head Prudhviraj (Rao Ramesh) meets with commisioner Rajesh (Kishore) for the Shankar's (Raja Ravindra) murder issue and introduces Subrahmanyapuram mystery..

10:05am: Here comes Rajesh (Kishore) and clears fake baba issue. "Swathi Chinukku" song is nicely shot. Cinematographer must be appreciated..

9:59am: Pathos touch to the romantic angle is good. In the meantime Nikhil Meets his lucky girl Vali (Color Swathi)..

9:51am: Prapamchamlo prathi Prashnaki Samadhanam untundhi Samadhanam lekhapothe Samasya Prashnadi kadhu Prayathnanidi : Karthik (Nikhil).. 

9:43am: "Prasnante" song is good.. 

9:40am: "Baayapade Vadiki Buildup endhuku raa"... Nikhil enters to solve the Medical college mystery.. 

9:36am: Movie starts in Subrahmanyapuram Shamkar (Raaja Ravindra) nears to solve Subrahmanyapuram temple mystery.. 

9:32am: Karthikeya - a "U/A certified 124 Minutes Movie.. 

9:30am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning from Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Karthikeya Movie... 

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