You are at Happy Ending Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Happy Ending Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Hindi : Happy Ending Movie Review (2.0/ 5.0)

Release date : Nov 21th 2014

Producer : Saif Ali Khan

Director : Raj Nidimoru

Music Director :Sachin-Jigar

Starring : Saif Ali Khan, Govinda, Ileana D’Cruz, Kalki Koechlin, Ranvir Shorey

When I saw the trailer of Happy Ending, my reaction was, “Ah, boy meets girl, the two fall in love. Same old, same old.” After having watched the film, I realise that the point of the same was exactly that, to basically reinforce the concept of romantic comedies. The way the makers of Happy Ending have done it though, is commendable and worth a watch. So with my tub of popcorn in one hand and cold drink in the other, this is what I saw of the film and perceived of it:What’s it about:

With a hint of drama, combined with tons of romance and comedy, Happy Ending is a film or rather a well attempted ‘spoof’ on romcoms. A story about Yudi Jaitely (Saif Ali Khan) and Aanchal Reddy( Ileana D’cruz), the venture is primarily about the two, trying to figure out their way in a relationship. Yudi is a lad who was once a highly successful author but has lost the plot in his scripts as well as real life. What does he do now? “Party sharty” and chase women. Aanchal on the other hand is a successful author who writes romantic novels. The first twist comes in when Yudi figures out that Aanchal is a fraud, who writes conventional novels for fame, and not because she believes in the concept. Bottom line? Yudi and Aanchal are similar and get attracted to each other, despite not being “opposites” and being examples of the famous saying. Yudi’s conscience Yogi(Saif in double role) keeps popping up to give his gyaan to Saif. His over possessive girlfriend Vishakha(Kalki Koechlin) fails to let go, and his good friend Montu(Ranvir Shorey) accompanies him to have wild nights in happening discos. In order to get his life back on track and career going, Yudi meets Armaanji(Govinda), a superstar who commands the author to write a script for  his film, which needs to possess all the elements to make it perfect and dhamakedaar, in his words “a film for masses and classes.” Borrowing anecdotes from his own love story, Yudi aims to script a story for Armaanji and is in search for his happy ending.

What’s hot:

Let me come straight to the point. Govinda’s comeback has been on everyone’s mind off late. While the same in Kill Dil may not have created the expected impact, his stint in Happy Ending will do it no doubt. Forget about him re-entering the B-town building, I believe he never left! A hilarious performance, backed up with glamour quotient and suave dance moves, Govinda is the whole package and steals the show hands down. Coming to Saif, what I have always found appealing about the actor is his laid back style and straight faced dialogue delivery. The Nawab does justice to his “kameena” role of Yudi and is thankfully back in his element, something which he needed to do after having given us Humshakals.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s cameo role is short and sweet. The beauty certainly adds a glamorous touch to it all with her mere presence as one of Yudi’s many love interests in the film. Preity Zinta(Divya) I feel plays a perfect companion to Yudi. Though not her usual chirpy self, Preity nonetheless adds a familiar feel to the plot and I personally was delighted to see her on screen after a long gap.

Ranvir Shorey and Kalki Koechlin’s performances are commendable, no surprises there. Coming to the storyline of the film, I feel the script is unique and possesses quirks which kept me intrigued. The role of Yogi is well put, followed by the humours puns in the track. For example, Vishakha installs an app on Yudi’s phone to track him down which is called “no space.” Just when I think the sequences are entering the infamous snooze fest zones, I am taken aback by witty one liners.

What I like the most about this film is the concept. To reinforce romantic comedies with a satirical take, is well thought of presented. Yudi writing a script based on his own story, is yet another brainer. Jabs on the way romcoms are made in a typical, predictable and monotonous way are packaged in an entertaining manner, much to my surprise as well as delight. The music is catchy and reeks of versatility, an aspect which has become rare in today’s day and age. My favourite number? G-Phaad Ke showcasing Chi Chi at his dancing best!

What’s not:

I was disappointed by Ileana D’cruz’s performance. Though the Barfi! fame looked stunning on screen and played the ‘modern day girl’ role to the T, what I feel lacking is the integrity behind the same. To me, Ileana appeared to be “playing” the character , instead of “being” it. It’s a myth that one becomes who they play only regarding serious roles. I believe the same can be done with upbeat and fun characters as well. Govinda, Saif and Ranvir got the trick, but Ileana has a long way to go.

The dialogue delivery between the characters lacked spontaneity. The gaps could have been shortened to make the conversation more real rather than scripted.

Certain sequences in the film, seemed forced to me. For example, there is a scene showcasing Saif breaking into Kalkis house in order to seek an object. The same could have been done away with, or made more humorous. Another one was a scene comprising of Ileana’s book reading event. The mushy element to it all somehow seemed sappy to me and also bordered on corny.

The character of Yogi could have been played up more. Being Yudi’s conscience, I feel Saif’s double role could have had more significance, especially while covering humour. Extra screen presence, puns and a more appealing physical avatar, could have done the trick. I’m not too big a fan of the long beard, paunch and glasses. Now that’s predictable!

Lastly, I wish I could see more of Govinda. The actor has limited scenes in the film and his performance made me longing for more. Guess I’ll have to wait for his other ventures and I bet there will be many now!

What to do:

In an era of mindless 100 crore films showcasing exaggerated kicks, punches, unnecessary item numbers and impractical love stories, Happy Ending is Ok Movie!

Do tell me what you think of my take on the film. Post your comments below!

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