You are at Rojulu Marayi Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Rojulu Marayi Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Cast: Chetan Maddineni, Parvatheesam, Kruthika, Tejaswi Madivada
Directed by: Murali Krishna Mudidani
Produced by: Madhura Sreedhar Reddy
Music by: JB
Release Date: 01-07-2016
Ashwath (Chetan) falls in love with Aadhya (Krithika Jeyakumar) and Peter (Parvatheesam) falls in love with Rambha (Tejaswi). Aadhya and Rambha are roomies and they have plans to marry some guys who will be settling in USA. And they even marry Aswath and Peter. But at one stage, Aswath and Peter get Killed by an unknown person. Who killed them ? Why are they killed ? What happens from then ? All the questions are answered in the rest of the story.
Star Performance
The movie starts of well and for the initial few minutes it was entertaining. Among the four actors, it is Tejaswi who carries the movie. She effortlessly emotes and also scores better than the rest of the actors. Chetan and Parvatheesam have done justice to their roles. But they still need to go a long way in their acting. Chetan and Kruthika are debutante actors and they have performed up to their expectations. But they couldn't do much in second half as the plot is sinking at rock bottom. Tejaswi alone showed some maturity in acting. Comedy is the backbone and these actors have worked on it to an extent.
Technical Team
Maruthi who impressed us with many movies has failed to deliver the goods this time. The plot is highly predictable and it has nothing new to rave about. Screenplay is sluggish. Dialogues are the saving grace. But even on such a road filled with potholes, dialogues alone can't drive audience !The second half completely falls flat and audience are completely annoyed to an extent. It is dragging and dragging and at a stage, when it crosses saturation point, we feel so bad ! Music by JB is pretty average. Background score is refreshing. For such a mediocre budget movie, the production values are high and the cinematography is top-notch. Debutante Director Murali fails in executing the narration.
'Rojulu Marayi' is another desperate attempt in Tollywood where debutante director has tried something new and has flawed in every frame in second half. He starts off well, but loses the grip as the story progresses. Tejaswi is the only saving grace and she scores with glamour and her matured acting performance. Rest of them have done what has to be done. Nothing more, Nothing less. Cinematography is outstanding and Production values are rich. But that doesn't save the movie from falling flat. Second half will definitely test your patience.
Anthing else

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