You are at Terror Telugu Movie Review (3.0/5.0)

Terror Telugu Movie Review (3.0/5.0)


Cast: Srikanth, Nikhita
Directed by: Satish Kasetty
Produced by: Shaikk Mastan
Music by: K Sai Kartheek
Release Date: February 26 2016
The story of the film is based on a sincere but suspended police officer called Vijay(Srikanth). Due to this issue, he faces problems with his father and lives away from his family. During one his investigations, Vijay finds out a small clue that something big is going to happen in the city. He starts investigating the case and to his shock, he comes to know that a dreaded terror attack is being planned and his own department people along with some political big wigs are also involved. Rest of the story is as to how Vijay nabs these criminals and saves the city from this dreaded terror attack.
Terror-Star Performance
provided you love the genre of political-crime-thrillers. Srikanth gives his best. From his dialogue delivery to his body language while handling emotional sequence or action sequence, Srikanth lives the character of Vijay. Prudhvi as MLA Ravi is interesting along with Kota Srinivasa Rao who is pretty charismatic in his persona. Nikitha Thukral plays Srikanth's wife role, is just okay, getting much lesser scope than the other characters. Vinay Fort may have less screen time but his performance reinstates the fact that good performances all about quality and not the length of a role. Ravi and Counter terrorist team are fine in their limited roles.
Terror-Technical Team

Background score by Sai Karthik is superb and elevates the film to another level. Dialogues are simple and to the point. As said earlier, screenplay is the soul of the film and is to the point. First half is slightly lengthy and should have been cut down slightly while editing.

Coming to the director Satish, he has done a good job with the film. Even though he has not showcased anything new, the way he has kept the proceedings simple and narrated the film with ample thrills is very impressive. Credit should go to him for being true to the script and not falling for the commercial format.

Terror will not be an Ab Tak Chappan that will be remembered in the years to come. Probably because the story is not novel and has often been retold in different ways. Instead, Terror will be remembered as a welcome change from the sea of commercial mindless potboilers that's hurled at us every week at the movies. In all, Terror a good one-time watch for political-crime-thriller genre fans.

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