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Kathakali Telugu Movie Review (2.5/5.0)


Cast: Vishal, Catherine Tresa
Directed by: Pandiraj
Produced by: Vishal
Music by: Hiphop Tamizha
Date of Release:18th March 2016
Kathakali - Story
Kamal(Vishal) is a US based software engineer who heads back to his native village to marry his sweetheart Malleswari(Catherine Tresa). During the same time, one of the famous persons in his village, Samba(Madhusudhana Rao) gets murdered all of a sudden.

The cops suspect Kamal as both his and Samaba's families have some age old rivalry. Situation gets worse and Kamal ends up into all sorts of problems. Who killed Samba ? What is his rivalry with Kamal's family ? and how does Kamal solve all his problems ? That forms the rest of the story.
Kathakali - Star Performance
Vishal as Kamal aka Kamalakar Reddy is decent. He seems regular in his roles. He is well as a innocent guy who goes with the situations. Catherine Tresa as Malliswari is good. As we have been seeing heroines don't get much scope to prove their potent in action movies, this movie is not an exception.

Mime Gopi as Vishal's brother is good. Shatru is good fit for his role Jayaprakash as a powerful businessman is good. Karunas is good in his comic role. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan is nice. Sreejith Ravi as Harish Chandra is super fit for his role. He comes in the second half and does his part well. All other actors has done well.
Kathakali - Technical Team
As said earlier, screenplay is a huge asset as the proceedings are showcased in a simple manner. Background score composed by Hip Hop Thamiza is quite good and elevates the film to another level. Production values by Vishal and his company are pretty good when compared to his previous films.

Coming to the director Pandiaraj, he has done a okay job with the film and does not deviate from the point much.
Kathakali - Analysis
Intro of Sambasivudu and his opposition with a voice over is the beginning of the movie. This half is filled with Intro of all the characters and love track between Vishal and Catherine Tresa which is so crap. It neither has the intense love nor emotion.

It is ended with murder of Sambasivudu where Kamal and his brother are fixed for the murder. It ends in so interesting way creating so much curiosity of what's really happening. Second half begins with so much melodramatic scenes.

It run on the base of Harish Chandra trying to arrest Kamal and close the case as wife of Samba is opposing to cremate Samba's dead body. It runs on action mode.

National award winning director Pandiraj as done good job with this movie. Except for non sync melodramatic scenes and love tracj movie is watchable. To sum up, Kathakali is so a watchable thrilling intense murder mystery.
Kathakali - Trailer

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