You are at Abhinetri Telugu Movie Review (2.5/5.0)

Abhinetri Telugu Movie Review (2.5/5.0)

Cast: Prabhudeva, Tamannah Bhatia, Amy Jackson, Sonu Sood
Directed by: Vijay
Produced by: MVV Satyanarayana
Music by: Sajid - Wajid and Vishal Mishra.
Release Date: 07-10-2016
Abhinetri - Story
Krishna (Prabhudeva) is an employee lives in Mumbai in a corporate company. As he hails from a tiny village he always wanted to marry a girl who is more of like posh and westernized by which he thinks he can gain some respect and social status in his village. He ends up marrying Devi (Tamannaah Bhatia) , a village girl due to his family pressure. He returns back to Mumbai with her and he tries to hide it with his friends and neighbours about Devi and his marriage. He tries a lot to send her back to his village but fails. Suddenly she is possessed by Ruby who committed suicide in the apartment they are living. What happened to Ruby?? How Krishna finally solves his problems and settle his marriage forms the rest of the story.
Abhinetri - Star Performance
The performance of Tamannah as village girl and an actress is very impressive. She slips in and out of her two diverse characters Ruby and Devi, effortlessly. On the other side, Prabhudeva performed well in the role of helpless husband and did his role as usual with ease. Sonu Sood justifies with his role as extended cameo, he looks a perfect match for an actress. The major highlights of the movie are the dance performance of Tamannah and Prabhudeva. Saptagiri becomes successful to give much laugh to the audiences. RJ Balaji, Sathish, Nassar, Murali Sharma and Abijith Paul have done justification with their character. Amy Jackson just sizzles for one song with Prabhu Deva. Faraha Khan's cameo does not work out.
Abhinetri - Technical Team

Production values of the film are pretty good and showcase the film in a rich light. As expected for a film starring Prabhu Deva, the choreography is well done. Prabhu rocks it in the Chill Maar song which has guest appearances by Amy Jackson & Raju Sundaram. They have also managed to make a non-dancer like Sonu Sood also look good in the songs. The cinematography effectively captures the mood of the film. Given that the movie was shot in 3 languages, there are some misses in the editing department with some of the reaction shots not coming in sync.

Abhinetri - Analysis
This movie begins with a flashback and goes on a nice tempo. Every poster and trailer of the film gave us a insight that it is of a horror comedy genre and sadly there is nothing much from this genre and it disappoints the audience very much. Even laughs are not more nor the horror elements. The horror part and suspense continues till the character of Ruby is revealed. After this it hardly makes us experience fear. This movie has some good and well composed dance moments from the leads and is enjoyable highly. Director A L Vijay tried to tell the story he had in his own way and it doesn't entertain much. Sometimes this movie makes audience crave for some comedy or horror element. The best part is that the narrative is so simple and straightforward without giving any room for confusion. To summarise, this Abhinetri is a watchable horror comedy flick.

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