You are at Appatlo Okadundevadu Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

Appatlo Okadundevadu Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

Cast: Nara Rohit, Tanya Hope, Sree Vishnu, Posani Krishna Murali, Prabhas Srinu, Rajiv Kanakala
Directed by: Sagar K Chandra
Produced by: Prashanti & KrishnaVijay
Music by: Sai Karthik
Release Date: December 30, 2016
Appatlo Okadundevadu - Story

Imtiaz( Nara Rohith) is a police officer and he fights against the Naxals. On the other hand, Railway Raju (Sree Vishnu) is a budding cricketer who wants to get into Ranji team from Hyderabad. Unexpectedly, Railway Raju goes behind bars. He also lost the chance of getting selected into Ranji team as he becomes a murderer. Both Imtiaz and Raju enters into ugly fight. Why Railway Raju turned a criminal? Who will win the fight? To know the answers, watch the film on big screen.

Appatlo Okadundevadu- Star Performance

Nara Rohith is known for delivering intense and good performance and he has done superbly in this film as well. He is the star of the film and is at ease in aggressive sequences.

Tanya Hope is okay. Sree Vishnu has got meaty role and he has done his best. He gives an honest performance as Railway Raju. Manasa Hima Varsha is impressive. Rajeev Kanakala also steals the show. Brahmaji, Prabhas Srinu, Srinivas Reddy and the other actors have done good job.

Appatlo Okadundevadu- Technical Team

Director Sagar K Chandra has done a pretty good job with the film. His story and writing is very strong and even his screenplay is very thrilling.Sai Karthik's music is good. Suresh Bobbili has scored background score that suits well the to story. Naveen Yadav's cinematography is filled with competent frames and all the local areas and the way they have been showcased is appreciable. Editing is good and dialogues are sharp. The production values of the movie are ok.

Appatlo Okadundevadu- Analysis
Director Sagar K. Chandra has followed the basic theme of the film by not bothering about regular commercial elements we see in the movie. He made the story with enough twists and turns and performed well in converting the film as a gripping thriller. In the first half, he has taken to set the plot up and he has succeeded up to the interval block which raised the curiosity on the second half. We know that the movie is filmed on the real incidents which happened in Hyderabad during 1992 to 1996, the director Sagar K. Chandra narrated the incidents in a perfect manner and in an engaging way. But after setting a good first half, the second half slows down a bit, because lack of story content in the second half. So it lacks the entertainment quotient and way the story has been told is boring for some audience.
Appatlo Okadundevadu- Trailer

Watch: Appatlo Okadundevadu Trailer

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