You are at Loukyam Telugu Movie Review-3/5

Loukyam Telugu Movie Review-3/5

Loukyam Movie Review/ Rating(U/A) -3/5 Stars

Director: Sriwass

Music Director: Anoop Rubens

Cast: Gopichand, Rakul Preet

Producer: V. Anand Prasad

Loukyam Movie Review :


Venkateswarlu (Gopichand) is a happy-go-lucky guy. He unexpectedly kidnaps Sampath (Babjee) elder sister for the sake of his friend. Venkateswarlu goes to Hyderabad to protect himself from Sampath and stays in Syamala (Satyam Rajesh) house. He falls in love with Chandrakala (Rakul Preet) in the first sight. Venkateswarlu made Chandrakala to fall in his love with his plans.

Meanwhile, Keshav Reddy (Mukesh Rishi) tries to kill Chandrakala to take revenge on her family. Her brother Sampath saves her from danger and takes back to their home town Warangal. When Venkateswarlu heard this news, he accompanies Chandrakala to get marriage with her. He tries to convince Sampath to marry her sister Chandrakala. Will he marry Chandrakala and how he gains the acceptance of Sampath? Forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

Gopichand gave an outstanding performance and there is lot of improvement in his acting and comedy skills. He also performed some good dance moves which are well received by audiences.

Rakul Preet will be seen in a glamorous role and she looks gorgeous in this film. The chemistry between Gopichand and Rakul Preet is extraordinary.

Brahmanandam and Chandra Mohan offered few laughs. Character artist Prudhvi is hilarious as Boiling star Babloo. Remaining cast of the film is good in their respective roles.

Plus Points:

Story of the film is neat and clear. Gopichand and Rakul Preet are one of the main attractions of the film. Brahmanandam and Hamsa Nandini attract the audiences. Romance between lead pair is one of the plus points of the film.

Minus Points:

First half of the film can be edited in some scenes. Movie goes on with routine story. Songs are not placed well and irritates the audiences. Dubbing for Brahmanandam in the second half is not good.


Screenplay and dialogues by Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan are excellent. Production values are rich. First half of the film is little bit slowly while second half is good. Enough comedy quotient will surely makes the movie super hit.

Verdict: Loukyam movie can be watched with family…

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Loukayam Live Tweet Updates..

11:15am : Movie END…Stay tune For complete movie review in

11:10am:Twist in the tale now … heading towards climax

10:55am:Hamsa Nandini Hot item song Now…

10:50am:Upto now…Movie is Complete family drama with good comedy..

10:45am :Some comedy scenes featuring Hamsa Nandini, Brahmanandam and Chandra Mohan is running now…

10:40am:Hamsa Nandini makes an sudden entry as Brahmi wife

10:35am:Time for Another Song  Soodu Soodu ….Gopichands costumes are looking Awesome….

10:25am:Brahmi and Chandra Mohan comedy Scenes are nice..getting good response from audience..

10:15am:Telugu Comedian Krishna bhagvan makes an entry….

10:00am :The movie now heads to warangal City once again … Some comedy scenes between brahmanandam and chandra Mohan are running now…

09:55am: Interval now !!!!! Overall good movie till now ( First half )

09:53am: A small twist in the movie Now ( you have to watch Movie in theaters to know that twist )

9:47am: Pink Lips Ammayi song is middling. Picturization is okay....

9:42am: Chandrakala starts liking venky and accepts one day challenge with him.

9:30am: Song number 2 :oh vayyari track gives a deja vu picturization is routine.Once again Rakul steals the show....

9:17am: Venkateshwarulu (Gopichand) starts going behind Chandrakala (Rakul).. Scene Gopichand posing as Encounter Shankar is fun...

9:12am: In a confusion Sippi (Brahmanandam) gives away TV artist "Boiling Star" Babulu (Prudhvi) number to the Babji.. Funny Scene.. .

9:03am: In a conventional way. Gopichand falls in love with Chandu ( Rakul Preet Singh )... Song time... "Ninnu Chuddagane" .. Nicely shot. Rkul Preet looks very pretty..

8:55am: Movie starts with a chase sequence, Gopichand runs away with Neetu (Syamala) goon Babji's (Sampath) daughter in Warangal..

8:50am: Loukyam - UA certified 149 Minutes Movie....

8:45am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the for Tweets Live Updates of Loukyam Movie..

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