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Kaththi Movie Review - (3.0 / 5.0)

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Tamil Movie : Kaththi (Aka) Kathi Tamil Movie Review, Rating - 3.0 /5.0

Director:  AR Murugadoss

Producer: K. Karunamoorthy an A. Subhaskaran

Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography: George C. Williams

Cast: Vijay ,Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Ankitha,Neil Nitin Mukesh as Cedric Peter Von,Tota Roy Chowdhury as Vivek Banerjee,Sathish as Dhanu

Bottom Line : It's a 100 percent paisa vasool Entertainment Movie!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Murugadoss Direction
Background Music
Second Half Movie
Slow 1st Half
Lack of Entertainment

Kathi Review - Story

Vijay is in a dual role as Kathiresan a jailbird and Jeevanantham a communist and a social crusader.As for the story, Vivek Banerjee (Tota Roy Choudhury) the notorious international gangster gives sleepless nights to our cops. As the saying goes “to cut a diamond with a diamond” our cops take the help of another criminal mastermind Kathiresan aka Kaththi (Vijay) to catch hold of Vivek Banerjee. After a hot cat and mouse chase in the dingy guttered alleys of Kolkata and rocking fights with the goons Vijay finally catches the grievously injured gangster Vivek Banerjee and sees him thrown in jail. As usual our Vivek Banerjee in jail swears that he will kill Vijay. After coming out of jail Vivek Banerjee goes to meet Vijay. In a raining verbal encounter that takes place the gangster Vivek realizes that Vijay is only a dummy or a shadow. Shadow of Who? Dummy of Who? Will Banerjee kill Kathiresan? Well, you have to go and watch Kaththi and find out yourself.

 Vijay Second playing character Jeevanantham is doing in the film while Kathiresan alias Kaththi chasing the gangsters, he takes on Cedric Peter Von (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a crooked industrialist who wants to exploit the gullible innocent villagers and grab their entire land driving them away from the village. Much to his frustration Cedric Peter’s exploits won’t work on villagers as Jeevanantham (played by Vijay again) comes to their rescue. This side of the story transports you to the village ambience In the run-up to the finale there would naturally be a mix-up of both Vijays Kathiresan and Jeevanantham as the film ends on all’s well that ends well! Vijay in between the fights and chases he finds time to woo our pretty Ankitha (Samantha Ruth Prabhu).

Kaththi is another run off the mill story dished out by A R Murugadoss with gangsters, cops, chase, fights, songs, dances, romance and a dose of sentiment and a typical social message too of course. The story starts with a twist.

Kathi Review - Star Performance

Vijay has surpassed himself in Kaththi with the right amount of action, comedy, and emotions. Vijay has shown minimal differences between the two characters with minor mannerisms in eye movements for Jeevanandam.amantha doesn’t have a huge role in terms of number of dialogues. But, she is in most of the frames and helps the hero in helping his cause. It is finally a good break for Samantha after “Naan Ee”. Comedy by Sathish was irritating and was out of place. Sayaji Shinde and Subbu Panchu Arunachalam justified their presence in the movie.Neil Nitin Mukesh has done a great job in critical scenes and throwing some challenges to the protagonist.Murugadoss-It will be an understatement to say that, Murugadoss has mastered the skills of commercial film making. He has raised the bar once again, and mixed the colorful elements in the right proportion of a social drama, and penned an excellent screenplay. Though there are some logical loopholes, those have been brilliantly plastered by cinematic liberties. It will take another Murugadoss’ish effort to shadow ‘Kaththi’.

Kathi Review - Techinical Team

Technically, the film is rich. Anirudh’s music and BGM reaches a new level with ‘Aathi’ being the pick of the lot. George C Williams’s camera is eye catching; especially the way he has made the Chennai airport look so good on screen. Anal Arasu’s action scenes are well choreographed especially the coin scene.Coming to director A.R.Murugadoss, he has touched upon many issues close to his heart such as rampant corruption, farmer suicides, the plight of senior citizens, water scarcity, the workings of the sensational news-hungry media and also goes on to vilify the corporates and their aggressive expansion plans without considering their CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives. The one scene late in the second half, when Vijay delivers an intense monologue on the above mentioned issues, is a definite highlight in the overall scheme of things. But it does try to get a little manipulative as the director has played to the gallery to win the audience's sympathy towards farmers and make us root for his protagonist.

Kathi Review- Analysis 

Murugadoss has made use of Vijay’s potential and delivered a powerful social drama with a few twists in both the halves.Kaththi 100 percent Entertainment Trademark stamp of director A R Murugadoss and it is a blockbuster hit indeed. Well, Vijay teams up with Murugadoss, then it’s all fireworks for Kaththi a super duper hit. Second half is brilliant and the story picks up and keeps you on razor’s edge throughout. A few logical errors in the first few mins, and the pace of the movie for the first 45 mins. If, Kathiresan can simply decode anything, why was he keep getting caught for 18 times when he tried to escape from the jail? Well, it is okay to play to the gallery, and cross the barricades of logics for a commercial entertainer.Vijay rocking in pre-interval stunts are believable, and the director has succeeded in delivering shot by AR Murugadoss.

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