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Joru Movie Review (1.5/ 5.0)


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Telugu Movie - Joru Movie Review (1.5 / 5.0)

Cast : Sandeep Kishan,Rashi Khanna,Priya Banerjee

Director : Kumar Nagendra

Producer : Ashok

Music Director : Bheems

Bottom Line : Joru is Boru!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Sudheep Kishan's Performance
Raasi Khanna Glamor Show 
Few Comedy Scenes From Top Comedians
First half
Story and Direction
Routine concept
Repeated scenes

Joru Review - Story

Raashi Khanna returns from US to India after 16 years to meet his father Sayaji Shinde, who is three times MLA in Vizag. Due to flight landing problem, Raashi Khanna takes a cab from Hyderabad to Vizag and during this road travel she comes across Sundeep Kishan. Ajay Unexpected murder attempts are made on Raashi Khanna and Sundeep Kishan saves her. They try to find out why Ajay is attacking Raashi Khanna and comes to know the real truth from PK (Brahmanandham). Why did Ajay attack Raashi Khanna ? How is Ajay related to Sayaji Shinde ? What is the flashback of Sayaji Shinde ? Answers to all these questions form the rest of the story.

Joru Review - Star Performance

Sundeep Kishan role was neat and its different compared to his previous films. He stayed in the character limit without suppressing his lover boy image and comedy angle in him. Sundeep Kishan has put up a striking chemistry with all the three heroines on-screen.Raasi khanna’s glamour show will surprise all as she performed a decent role in her past films.Brahmi as 'PK' will entertain you and he single handedly saved the film with his comedy once again.Priya Banerjee was given very less screen-time compared to other two heroines. She got overshadowed in the movie.Sushma Raj made her presence felt with the oomph factor and abit of acting.Sapthaigiri comedy did not work out this time. Sayaji Shinde was fine in his role with mixed shades of comedy and seriousness. Ajay was missused completely. 30 years Prithvi was wasted with a small role.

Joru Review - Techinical Team

Director Ashok,Nagarjuna imporved a lot comapred to his debut(Gundello Godari). Although director tried to bring some comedy that did not work good on screen makes it more worse.Bheems sound tracks and background score sounded is not that great but can grip to some scenes.Cinematography of M.R.Palani kumaar was decent and songs are filmed beautifully.Cinematography of the film is good and especially the songs have been shot beautifully.Editor could have concentrated more on the first half to make it more crisp.

Joru Review - Analysis

Sudheep who gained some good name after his hits in a row seems like is failing to loose grip on it. Movie runs on a simple concept and a routine love track that makes you feel bored. Songs making and locations are good and they look good than the story of film. 

First Half of the movie completely runs on introduction and mostly boring scenes and it also picks up a swing after some comedians enter the screen. A decent comedy attempt has been done but a bad storyline and direction failed to impress Joru on screen.Sundeep Kishan and Raashi Khanna’s performance, climax, and Brahmi’s comedy are the saving grace.

Joru Movie Live Review

12:30 pm : Movie finished keep watching For Joru Movie Review

12:20 pm : Climax now with some slapstick comedy scenes.

12:15 pm : Movie heads to climax.

12:10 pm : Sadashivam got suspended from his political party with sundeep's plan

12:05 pmTime for the only mass song of the movie 'Kodi ante Kodi Kadhu'. All the female leads romance Sundeep in this song.

12:00 pm All the lead characters makes an entry into Sadashivam's house and comedy takes the center stage.

11:50am: Another duet song Puvvulaku rangeyaalaa between Sundeep and Rashi Khanan beach lo teesina ee song lo Rashi Khanan baaga glamorous gaa unadi...

11:45 am : Comedy makes the center stage in the movie as Sundeep makes an entry into Sadashivam : 's house.

11:40 am : Some comedy scenes between Sundeep and Brahmi are on now.

11:35 am : Some interesting twists about Shayaji Shinde are revealing now.

11:25 am : Second half starts with a flashback, few twists are unwrapped.

11:00 am : Interval now

11:10 am : Interval now , With another twist, movie heads to interval.

10:05 am : Priya Banerjee makes an entry as Annapurna.

11:00 am : Twist in the movie, Ajay tries to kidnap Rashi.

10:55 am : Time for second song Havai Thuvai. Sundeep displays his dance moves.

10:50 am : Sapthaigiri is hilarious in his usual style. His comedy scenes with bear are entertaining.

10:45 am : Sundeep falls for Rashi at first sight. Time for first song.

10:40 am : Sundeep meets Rashi Khanna on their way to Hyderabad. Comedy scenes between Sapthagiri and Sundeep are good.

10:37 am : Ace comedian Brahmi makes an entry as PK (pellikoduku), Some comedy scenes are on now.

10:30 am : Rashi Khanna makes an entry as Anu, she is daughter of Sadashivam : .

10:28 am : Ajay makes an entry as Bhavani and one of the female Sushma gets introduced

10:25 am : Sundeep makes an entry with a fight sequence

10:20 am : Comedian Sapthagiri makes an entry as Nam : alu s/o Panganam : alu

10:15am: Vizag backdrop lo MLA Sadaasivam (Sayaji Shinde) tho movie modalaindi...

10:15am: Joru is "A" Certified 140 minutes movie...

10:10am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Joru Movie...

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