You are at Avasaraniko Abaddam Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Avasaraniko Abaddam Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Cast: Lokesh, Shashank, Rajesh, Geethanjali, Sandeep
Directed by: KV Suresh
Produced by: Vijay J, Puli Srikanth, Sandeep
Music by: Sai Kartheek
Release Date: 08/26/2016
Avasaraniko Abaddam - Story

Ram (Lokesh), Kalyan (Rajesh), Srinivas (Shashank) and Shweta (Geethanjali) are best friends who decide to go for trekking in a haunted forest called Donakonda.Half way through their journey in the forest, they start experiencing some weird activities involving a ghost. Left with no choice, they continue their journey but to their bad luck, things start getting worse for them. Rest of the story is to how these friends successfully come out of this dreaded jungle.

Avasaraniko Abaddam - Star Performance
The actors have given their best to the thriller movie, where everyone acted naturally. All the newcomers have made the movie interesting to watch and impressed the audiences with their performances.
Avasaraniko Abaddam - Technical Team
Director Suresh makes a decent debut. The way he adds some interesting scenes in the first half are good. Cinematography by Venkataramana was ok but editing could have been done better by Karthik Srinivas. Production values are just about okay and so was the art direction. Camera work looks realistic as the forest visuals have been showcased well.
Avasaraniko Abaddam - Analysis
On the whole, Avasaraniko Abaddam has its share of decent moments. Some interesting twists and thrilling scenes here and there are basic assets. On the flip side, lack of engaging elements during the second half and a slow pace manage to spoil the proceedings and make this film strictly an okay watch this weekend.
Avasaraniko Abaddam - Trailer

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