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Nayaki Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Cast: Trisha Krishnan,Ganesh Venkatram,Brahmanandam Kanneganti
Directed by: Govi Goverdhan
Produced by: Giridhar Mamidipally
Music by: Raghu Kunche
Release Date: 15-07-2016
Nayaki - Story

The story of Nayaki is quite routine and is set amidst an haunted house on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Sanjay(Satyam Rajesh) and his girlfriend Sandhya(Sushma Swaraj) decide to get away from the city to have a good time during the weekend.As they begin their journey, some unwanted incidents happen and the couple end up taking shelter in this haunted house. Unaware of the fact that the entire bungalow is possessed by an evil spirit called Nayaki(Trisha), the couple start settling down.As expected, Nayaki starts getting behind their lives and keeps scaring them to death. Who is this Nayaki ? What does she have to do with the haunted house ? and how do the couple survive this chaos ? That form the rest of the story.

Nayaki - Star Performance
'Nayaki' is yet again a horror genre and there is nothing new to us. But performance wise, Trisha has been the centre of attraction. She carried the movie single handed. She is glamorous and that was her best feature. During scary scenes, more than getting fear, we get attracted towards her. Ganesh Venkatraman doesn't have much to offer. Poonam Kaur as bold girl has done a neat job. She fits the role to perfection. Sushma Raj also did a neat role. She has essayed justice to the role. Rest of the characters are just fillers. In fact, the comedy actors who were roped in to do comical part, just annoy us. Satyam Rajesh has also scored apart from Trisha and Ganesh Venkatram. The flashback portions showcase Ganesh Venkatram and his space was limited.
Nayaki - Technical Team
Technical wise, the movie is below part. Be it the Visual effects or the Production values, the movie is just average. The huge bungalow sets, Devil popping out of no-where are just making us Yawn ! We have seen this 'n' number of times in 'n' number of movies. Raghu Kunche and Sai Kartheek have composed tunes and songs are also average. The background score is however chilling. Jagadeesh Cheekati has handled cinematography and the stereotypical angles are evident even in this project. Screenplay is boring and this 'Revenge' drama is seen in 'n' number of movies. The usual formula of flashback and revenge has to be stopped. Screenplay is on the dragging side.
Nayaki - Analysis
'Nayaki' is just another run-of-the-mill horror genre which has nothing new to offer. The same old camera angles and same old screenplay just annoy us. Trisha's glamour and 'Oomph' factor saved the movie. Music is also pretty sloppy. The movie is not even half-baked. Audience recently lapped up and cherished 'The Conjuring 2'. They won't be happy with such boring horror projects. It's high time, Tollywood wakes up with innovative screenplay.
Nayaki - Trailer

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