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Pooja Movie Review (1.5/5.0)

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Director: Hari

Producer: Vishal

Production Co: Vishal Film Factory

Cast: Vishal, Shruti Haasan

Bottom Line: Mass Violence Action Movie.....(Tamil Flavor)

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Sruthi Haasan
Fight Scenes
First Half 
Second Half Movie
Climax Taking 
Over Violence
Tamil flavor
Pooja Review - Story

Vishal who gives rotates money for interest at Jnanapuram market in Visakhapatnam district, gets smitten to D aka Divya (Shruti Hasan). A love blossoms between them, he gets into conflict with dreaded contract killer Singanna (Mukesh Tiwari) while saving ADSP Sivaram Nayak (Satyaraj). 

Their rivalry becomes personal when Vasu's mother (Radhika) calls him back to Bobbili when Singanna's man hits Vasu's uncle. To find out who emerges winner in the battle of wits between Vasu and Singanna, watch Pooja on silver screen. 

Pooja Review - Star Performance

Vishal is very good as the protagonist. His performance is the film's only strength and, to an extent, makes up for the poor script and weak characterization. Shruti Haasan has nothing much to do except rollick around in song sequences. It's also good to see a slimmer, Andrea Jeremiah in an item song. Sathyaraj bowls you over with his performance as the tough ADSP Shivram Nayak. Unfortunately, his role is short-lived, but he does have few powerful sequences. Soori is fine, managing to evoke some laughter from the audience with his senseless one-liners. Radhika Sarathkumar, Prathap Pothen, Sithara, Kaushalya, Jayaprakash, Manobala making up the long list of people who have appeared on screen at some point in the movie. Mukesh Tiwari is nice add on to the film, with his menacing eyes he can go places.

Pooja Review - Techinical Team

Director Hari comes with one more decent movie that has lot of pace mixed with family emotions. He succeeded to some extent in narrating it but fails in the second half as it has been predictable.The screen play of the movie has been written well but fells down in the last half an hour of the movie which should be taken lot of care for racy films like Pooja.The photography and editing of the movie have been decent. The production values have been lavish and rich enough.The music is just OK and the comedy has been good at times but the Tamil flavour has been hugely mixed and so it doesn’t taste so good.

Pooja Review - Analysis

The first half of the movie starts with a stunning fight and the pace continues. The movie seems running without breaks and the comedy scenes bring laughs at times. The songs have been picturized well so as the love scenes between Vishal and Sruthi Haasan. The movie goes interesting towards interval and the first half of the film has everything good to say.

The second half of the film falls down because of slow and predictable narration. The movie picks up again in between but the director managed to showcase action more which makes the audience bored and the movie has nothing interesting in the second half. The last part of the film becomes hugely predictable and ends on a routine note.

Pooja Movie Live Review | Pooja Movie Review Sory | Pooja Movie Review On

12:45pm: Vasu takes his revenge on Singanna.. Sentimental Ending.... . Stay Tuned to for Complete Pooja Movie Review.

12:36pm: Singanna (Mukesh Tiwari) returns to his place Patna. Vasu goes behind him to take his revenge.. .

12:29pm: Vasu and Shivaram collaborate to keep a spot to kill Singanna (Mukesh Tiwari). But Villain pens to kill Vasu's family at Pooja..

12:16pm: Shivaram captures Singanna's close person. In the same time, Bihar commissioner's son comes to Vishakapatnam to kill Siganna..

12:05pm: Too many casual scenes just drags the things. In the meantime, Mukesh Tiwari plans to attack his father at GK mills Factory..

11:46am: Divya gets into trouble for a recording a fight sequence. "Prema Naa Prema" tracks runs in the background too...

11:35am: Here starts a Longgg Chase, fight proceeds in a promising way. Totally loud BGM by Yuvan....

11:20am: Shruthi Haasan looks redhot in "Gandu Cheema" song choreography is middling.....

11:10am: The INTERVAL rain fight sequence is good, marginally elevates the tempo of the film...

10:59am: Vasu (Vishal) accepts Divya's proposal and in the same time goons get to know about Vasu...

10:49am: Divya (Shruti) friend runs away with the boy friend. Vasu helps her and Divya starts loving him..

10:40am: Divya rejects the love. Proposal of Vasu Soori reveals the background of Vasu son of GK Group of Industries MD (Raghuvaran).

10:35am: A surprise attempt to kill ADSP Shivaram is spoiled by Vasu's interference. The fight sequence is decently shot..

10:30am: "Devatha Ille'' is a trendy duet from Yuvan. Swiss locales are good. Shruthi Hassan sizzles in the track..

10:25am: Radhika plans to return to hometown for the Temple Pooja...

10:21am: Things are moving at snail pace, only relief is Soori's senseless comedy....

10:15am: Vasu likes Divya (Shruthi Hassan) in the first instance. ADP Shivaram (Sathyaraj) gets a promising entry...

10:10am: Shurti Hassan introduced is funn, here comes Ratna Mala (Andrea).. Sooda Budi song is fine.. Choreography is okay suits the tempo...

10:07am: Vasu (Vishal) introduced with a fight sequence, his styling is similar to Pandem Kodi...

10:05am: Show time - Pooja - U/A certified again...

10:03am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers good morning welcome to the for tweets live updates of POOJA movie....

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