You are at Manamantha Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

Manamantha Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

Cast: Mohanlal, Gouthami, Viswant, Raina Rao, Anisha Ambrose, Urvasi
Directed by: Chandra Sekhar Yeleti
Produced by: Rajani Korrapati
Music by: Mahesh Shanker
Release Date: 5-08-2016
Manamantha - Story
Manamantha is based on the lives of four different individuals. Sairam(Mohanlal) is a simple assistant manager in a supermarket who is eagerly looking to climb up the success ladder in his job. Gayatri (Gautami) is a down-to-earth housewife who finds happiness in straightforward things and is always looking out for her friends and family members. Abhiram (Viswant Duddumpadi) is an intelligent college student who has big aims in life and always helps others around him. Mahita (Raina Rao) is a cute schoolgirl who watches out for others before thinking about herself. How the lives of these four characters change in a matter of a few days with an interesting incident forms the crux of the story.
Manamantha - Star Performance
Mohanlal is a versatile actor and he has done fantastic job. He steals the show by his wonderful performances and delivered his best. Manamantha will add one more feather in his cap. Mohanlal in the role of assistant manager, who struggles for the promotion and eyes on Manager Post, fit for the role. Gauthami is the role of middle class housewife, performed well and she did justice with her character. The third character of the movie is convent student, fits for this role. Viswant and Raina Rao are new to acting career and have given their best. Raina in the role of school girl has given shock to the audiences by her performance and body language. As the movie highlights the four characters, the senior actors got limited screen space. Anisha Ambrose as the love interest of Abhiram is good.
Manamantha - Technical Team
The movie has no songs but the music handled by Mahesh Shankar, is perfect. The editing is not up to the mark. The editor G.V.Chandra Sekhar should take care of the movie. After chopping few dragged scenes, the entertainment level could be better. The run time of 120 minutes is perfect. The Cinematography work of Rahul Shrivatsav is simple and there are no special visual or special frames. The emotional dialogues written by Ravichandra Teja are impressive. The director has become successful to bring out the talent of star cast on the screen. He used simple story line but by adding thrills, he delivered super engaging screenplay. The climax is outstanding. Gripping and brilliant screen play engaged the audiences till end.
Manamantha - Analysis
On the whole, Manamantha is a unique family thriller which impresses you completely. Movies like these are rare to come by and when they do, they are a treat to watch. The near perfect casting who gets into the skin of their characters is seamless and undoubtedly the greatest asset for the film. It would be really interesting to see how the commercial audience lap up a serious film like this. Finally, Manamantha is a movie which can be enjoyed thoroughly. Go for it.

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