You are at Yevade Subramanyam Movie Review (2.5 / 5.0)

Yevade Subramanyam Movie Review (2.5 / 5.0)

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Yevade Subramanyam Movie Review

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Click Here : Yevade Subramanyam Live review

Review : Yevade Subramanyam (2.5 / 5.0)

Cast: Nani,Malavika Nair,Vijay,Ritu Varma
Directed by: Nag Ashwin
Produced by: Priyanka Dutt
Music by: Radhan
Release Date: March 21st 2015.

Bottom Line: A Cool Breeze, but it will pass away as fast as it comes !

What is GoodWhat is Bad
Slow Pace Narration
Malavika Lack of Entertainment
lag in some scenes
Himalaya Locales Weak Climax

Yevade Subramanyam Review - Story

Subramanyam (Nani) and Rishi (Vijay Devarakonda) are childhood friends. While Subbu is a workholic, Rishi takes life easy and his motto is 'life is to enjoy'. As time goes on, Subbu becomes CEO of a corporate office and gets engaged to Ritu Varma. One day, Rishi meets Subbu with his friend Anandini(Malavika).Rishi forces Subbu to visit Rishikesh near Himalayas as it is his favorite place and likes to visit that in his life time. In an unexpected event, Rishi meets a road accident and dies. Subbu and Anandini continue their journey to Rishikesh to perform Rishi's last rites. How did they tour Himalaya and did they perform his last rites and what our subbu learned about life and how that trip makes impact on him forms rest of the story.

Yevade Subramanyam Review - Star Performance

Nani is a proven actor and he delivered another best performance in this movie. His trade mark dialogue delivery is his strength and that will attract you one more time. Debutante Vijay made a strong presence and he essayed his character easily and maturely. Malavika Nair is very good for her character. This Kerala girl can make another Nitya Menon.Ritu Varma Role is limited and she is pretty in that.Nasser, Pavithra Lokesh did justice to their roles.

Yevade Subramanyam Review - Technical Team
Debutante Directior Nag Ashwin had many guts to take up such a adventurous plot for first movie. Though casting supported him well, weak and predictable narration makes it a normal film.Otherwise, this kind of movie should leave you with more memories. Camera work was ok. Lyrics in O Manishi are good. Editing is bad., should have worked more to make the film better.
Yevade Subramanyam Review - Analysis
On final note., its a lesson that how good actors cannot do anything for a bad taking. The way they presented interest in trailer is lacking completely in movie. Viewer doesnt carry along Nani's character and at one point you wont feel anything for him. That emotion carrying is completely missed. give it a try as there are no WC matches and another movie to watch.But don't expect as it is in trailer.

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