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Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Cast: Mohan Babu, Allari Naresh, Ramya Krishna, Meena, Poorna, Ali, Varun Sandhesh
Directed by: Srinivas Reddy
Produced by: Manchu Vishnu
Music by: Raghu Kunche, Achu Rajamani, Koti
Release date:
25th December 2015
Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu- Story
Bhaktavatsala Naidu (Mohan Babu) got married to two ladies Priyamvada (Ramya Krishna) and Suryakantham (Meena) without each of them knowing about the other. He was living happily and managing two wives. He has one daughter Shruthi (Poorna) and son Gautham (Varun), one day by the mistake of Ali, the birthday gifts of both Shruthi and Gautham exchanged and they planned to meet. Both are the children of different mother but same father. Bhaktavatsala Naidutry to stop the meeting of Shruthi and Gautham, he approaches Balaraju (Allari Naresh) to separate them and he also attracted to Shruthi. What will happen now? Will two wives meet each other? How Priyamvada and Suryakantham came to know the realty of Bhaktavatsala Naidu?
Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu-Star Performance

There are no words for acting of veteran actors, Mohan Babu, Ramya Krishna and Meena. Trio has simply rocked with their performances. Their energy seems to be unusual in every aspect of the film. Speaking about our funny master Allari Naresh, even though he is named as one of lead heroes in the film, he was just seen in few scenes. Whereas, Ali, Raghu Babu, Krishna Bhagavan and Raja Ravindra comedy did not met the audience's expectations. Actress, Poorna's beauty added as the biggest asset to the film and her acting skills were up to the mark. Whereas, supporting characters tried to give their best in the film.

Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu-Technical Team
Its double trouble again. Once again. Collection King Mohan Babu is back in a tasteless family drama “Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu". Director by Srinivas Reddy, it's an extended version of Mohan Babu, Meena, Ramya Krishna hit film of late nineties Allari Mogudu, where hero has two families. How his life ruffles between the two is what this regressive story is all about. Now, Director – Screenplay writer Srinivas Reddy plans to extend what happens post marriage. He sticks to tried and tested formula – a comedy of errors and you are left wondering how many times he will continue to repeat the same formula. The film flow is horrible till interval and loses the steam then on, as Srinivas Reddy adds an element of suspense making you wonder what's he really trying to do with this film.

This two line plot is known to the viewer in the first 15 minutes itself and then its all about the characters chasing each other and trying hard to make you laugh with their so called hilarious comedy and one liners written by Sridhar Seepana. Too much of stress has been given on the dialogue delivery and the tone of the characters, which eventually succeed in frustrating audience to the core. Even highly promoted act of Allari Naresh (50th movie of his career) has also been used in very unimpressive way, which doesn't even stay in the viewer's mind. There is no detailing to any character and hence you never find out what business does Mohan Babu actually run, which gives him the luxury of maintaining two wives in two houses, along with some elegant cars. Even the wives (Meena and Ramya Krishna) are spiffed up creatures who play dress up – shopping and make their kids marry. When a director tries to attempt film like this you cant be preachy and offer justification at least by end, which is very hard to digest here. Production values of 24 Frames Factory are deficient, as the movie looks tacky and outdated. Songs by Koti, Raghu Kunche and Achu are introduced in irrelevelent times and even the BGM is one thing that will gravel you to the core. Cinematography, Editing are second graded could have used some neat work, yet they aren't the reasons for it to fail. Its Srinivas Reddy, and Srinivas Reddy alone.
Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu-Analysis
“Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu" is a ballsed up made up story by a dipso and the characterization goes hand in hand with the retarded storyline and direction. The script is incomprehensible. The incoherence is definitely not blissful. All in all, those who have thought after watching Soukyam, that Telugu cinema will sink no further. Just try to watching 15 minutes of MMAK and you would be abnegated of that notion. Stay Away.
Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu-Trailer


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