You are at Telugu Movie : Weekend Love Review -2.0/5

Telugu Movie : Weekend Love Review -2.0/5

Telugu Movie : Weekend Love  Review - 2.0/5

Star Cast : Aadhith, Supriya Shailaja

Producer : Madhu Thota

Director : Nagu Gavara

Music : Sekhar Chandra

What Is Good

Songs by Sekhar Chandra


What Is Bad

Thin Storyline

Predictable Screenplay

Inspired Narration


Forced Comedy.

Bottom Line:Weak-End Love

Weekend Love Review - Story

It's a very regular themed film - about a happy go lucky guy finds his true love. So two youngsters, Ganesh (Aadith) a street smart who always flirts with every cute girl around and finally gets attracted to Sandhya Chatterjee (Shailaja Supriya), a software professional in Vishwa IT Solutions. Both get attracted by each other in a short time and plan on to live in together as friends and experiment. Point for that itself - a gutsy decision. A happy go lucky guy start changing and in the meantime Sandhya starts liking him. But things turnaround when a girl from the past spoils the budding love between them. Rest of the storyline is all about how they live in together and find out - you can't judge a person on his past.

Weekend Love Review - Star Performance

Coming to performances of the film, Weekend Love can be a watch able affair for the performances of Aadith Arun (kadha fame) and Supriya Shailaja (Rushi fame). The characters are all unidimensional. Both Aadith and Shailaja are great in their given roles. Shailaja Supriya once again proves her timing and skill, Aadith looks good with his cunning smile as a flirt but somehow I didn’t feel the superb chemistry between the leads. In the supporting cast M. S. Narayana, Thagubothu Ramesh, Srinivas Reddy, Apoorva and Krishna Bhagwan has very limited roles to play. Cameo by late Srihari is fine.

Weekend Love Review - Techinical Team

The story of Weekend Love is thin. A regular narration is noticed in the whole movie. But Naghu Garava disappoints much as one expected a decent film from a critic turned director. The director has planned a pretty safe project rather going against the odds for his debut film. He is inspired a lot from the recent successful projects and club them into one. Actually he misses the mark because he doesn’t stick to the genre in particular and goes on to add the usual romance and songs in this film, which were not required at all in certain places. May be he was pressurized to do so but frankly these Typical storyline and Casual Screenplay have only ruined this product. However Naghuone of those few directors who are able to capture the Hitec Hyderabad feel in their films. Cinematography (by G S Raj) captured the essence of the movie but screenplay misses the mark in its second half and doesn’t provide the engagement and entertainment, which has to be there essentially in a romantic film. Yet the dialogues and few scenes give some to laugh at regular intervals. Musically it has a decent soundtrack with couple of good songs like “Edo Edo Chepthundi” & “Oka Pranam”. Editing by Pravin Pudi could have been crispier. The movie dragged a lot in the second half. Production Values of the film are good.

Weekend Love Review - Analysis

Weekend Love gives you much less than expected with a decent first half and a pretty weak second. In a nutshell, Movie is decent ruined by its over length and unconvincing climax. The movie which was very much based on the romantic factor of the live-in relationship, looses its track post intermission and fails to impress with an underwritten revelation of the secret in the end. As a result it can neither be termed as funny entertainer nor as a good romantic love film.You can watch Weekend Love only if you can ignore the foreseeable Narration and would love to see the songs by Sekhar Chandra on screen.

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