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Current Theega (1.75/5.0) (Teega) Movie Review

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Telugu Movie : Current Theega Movie Review (1.75/5.0) -

Cast: Manchu Manoj, Rakul Preet Singh, Sunny Leone, Jagapati Babu, Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj, Prudhvi Raj, Thagubothu Ramesh

Direction: G Nageswara Reddy

Production: Manchu Vishnu

Music: Achu

Bottom Line : Very Low Voltage Current Teega!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Sunny Leone's Glamour
Manchu Manoj Energy
Jagapathi Babu
First Half
Second Half 
Loud action by every artist

Current Teega  Review - Story:

Manoj and Vennela Kishore are careless youths, who are always involved in tug of war with the senior citizens of the village.A friction erupts between Manoj and egoistic-arogant village head Jagapathi Babu over the organization of a local festival. The story takes an interesting turn with Jagapathi's Daugther (Rakul Preet Singh) falling in love with Manoj.Sivaramaraju (Jagapathi Babu) gets arrested by police for killing his younger daughter and the guy who loved her for eloping. The narrative goes into flash back mode explaining that Sivaramaraju is challenged by a biggie (Supreet) about one of his daughter eloping. Raju (Manoj) is a roam-free workless guy wandering in the village and trying to flatter Sunny (Sunny Leone) teacher. He uses college student Kavitha (Rakul Preet Singh) as his courier. As Sunny stuns him with a wedding card, at the same time Raju saves Kavitha from goons. Finally Raju and Kavitha fall for each other. 

Rest of the story is about how Manoj has been able to get Jagapathi's nod for marrying his Daughter! Current Theega is a full fledged comedy and family entertainer.The conflits between the two teams are shown in a comical way and seems quite interesting. The ending is the major bonus of the movie as the fun quotient is increased altogether.

Current Teega Review -  Stars Performance:

Manchu Manoj is arguably one of the best actors in the current lot, but he is wasting his time in movies like this, he was fine till Bindas but since last three films his loud action has been irking people, he should rethink before signing films like these, in this film his high energetic performance was troublesome at times, he did very well in few emotional scenes. His diction is advantageous for him. His costumes are worst and stunts, though look real but are irritating. He is believable in the role of an youngster who is the head to gang-of-loafers in a village. His combo scenes with Vennela Kishore have come out well and does few risky stunts in the movie.

Rakul Preet Singh  had no scope for performance,but she appears very cute in the uniform (Class 12 Student) and plays the role of 'courier' to perfection. She is gorgeous in half-sarees and her expressions were a delight to watch.

Jagapathi Babu is the backbone of this entertainer set in village backdrop. Jagapathi Babu looks rugged and this time he delivers villainy, innocence and comedy mixed together. But it looks like such roles are becoming a routine for him. 

Sunny Leone’s much hyped guest appearance as Sunny teacher is a positive asset for the film, she definitely adds required spice for the film,she exudes ample glamour but her expressions look artificial in almost all the scenes. This Porn Star sizzles in the 'Sunny Sunny' number which was shot in MTV style. Sampoornesh Babu’s cameo as sunny’s boyfriend was nice and he delivers his popular ‘dhairyam’ dialogue to bring the roof down to heavy laughs. Vennala Kishore was regular,Thagubothu Ramesh and Dhanraj are funny. Tanikella Bharani is natural others were okay.

Current Teega Review - Techinical Team:

G Nageswar Reddy, who had earlier directed Denikaina Ready has handled megaphone for this project, all his previous films were comedy based and this film surprisingly lacks comedy, the story has though been from a Tamil film, but was changed and spiced up for Telugu audience, the film had a racy screenplay and short run time but over loud treatment spoiled the flavor. Few scenes were good followed by irritating scenes.The songs and their placement also tested patience.

Other than Manoj’s energetic fights. Music composed by Achu has already become very popular. 'Padahaarellainaa', 'Pilla O Pilla' and 'Sunny Sunny' are the best compositions in the album. Background Score isn't bad either. Cinematography is appreciable. Dialogues are entertaining in parts. Art Direction is good. Editing is crisp. Production Values are good.

Current Teega Review -  Analysis:

Current Teega is a remake verison of Tamil movie Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam. Makers have made few changes to the script to suit the Telugu nativity and also included a Villain angle in the Telugu remake.
Story wise there is nothing to boast about Current Theega as it’s very simple and thin. But such scripts should be dealt with terrific screenplay and loads of new scenes.Probably Nageshwar Reddy repeated what is there in the Tamil movie and then Manoj has gone overboard to make huge comedy based on dialogues. But the efforts look clichéd as they looked regular. There is no single moment we feel freshness and exciting, except occasional laughs. 

Movie starts interestingly as it introduced it key characters like Jagapathi Babu, Manoj, Sunny Leone and Rakul Preet Singh. Loaded with comic dialogues all the way, first half of the movie entertains with many satires, preaching and one-liner punches from Manoj. At the same time, Sunny’s glamour for a while and Rakul Preet’s cute looks for rest of time fill the space. Interval is no mind blowing but well. Loaded with all lighter moments, one may anticipate a tight and interesting second half. Except one duet, rest songs and scenes let you down in second half as film gets predictable and easy to guess. Some messages are delivered, but they need more exaggeration to make audiences feel it. Rest of the film is a lighter vein popcorn comedy with regular story and known setup.

G Nageswara Reddy delivered successful entertainers like '6 Teens', 'Seema Tapakai' and 'Denkaina Ready' in the past. This time he choose a rural love story but failed to make it an out-and-out entertainer. 'Current Theega' had a decent first half and below par second half.Current Theega might run for a while until next film arrives.

Current Theega (Teega) Movie Live Updates

12:35 pm:Keep watching for the Current Teega Complete Movie Review

12:35 pm : Climax done

12:30am: Shiv Rama raju gets sympathetic towards his daughtrers love . Ends with a happy note.....

12:25 pm: An intense climax fight is on now...Manoj is showcasing his deadly action skills

12:23am: Raju tries to run away with kavitha.. But Shankar spoils the party.Time for pre climax fight sequence........... 

12:19am: Pothe poni track is trendy soup song. Shilpli Sharma look okay in the track.......... 

12:10am: Raju risks his life to save lakshmi (kavitha's fav OX ) from the well and closer to shivaram Raju's family........ 

12:05am: Movie dropped it's pace in the sequence. "Erra Errani Cheera" a folk-ish trak... Rakul preet is redhot in the swimsuit. 

11:40am: Interestingly, Shivarama Raju saves Raju from a attack and warns him to stay away from his issues....

11:35am: Post Interval both Shankar and Shivarama Raju plan to kill Raju....

11:27am: Raju tries to propose Kavitha.. But Shivarama Raju gets interfere between the two.. INTERVAL TIME....

11:20am: Raju starts liking Kavitha time for one more track Pilla oh Pilla.. Middlingly shot and choreographed.....

11:07am: Dharyaniki bayyam vesthe dindu kinda naa photo pettukoni padukundi.. Here comes Sampoo and runs away with Sunny Madam....

11:00am: Padaharo Yetta song is similar to Padipoya track from DK Bose.. Rakul looks pretty in the track....

10:50am: Shivarama Raju plans a sudden marriage to intermediate studying Kavitha (Rakul Preet Singh). VIP president Raju files a complaint against this minor marriage...

10:46am: Shankar's teases Kavitha and Raju comes to rescue.. A high Voltage fight sequence is a bit odd....

10:44am: Sunny Leone sizzles in Le Le Raja (Remix).. Decently Choreographed and shot..

10:42am: Audience just gone crazy.. With Sunny Leone's introduction scene.. Raju Love letter sequence is fun..

10:37am: Kavitha (Rakul Preet) gets introduced with Om Shanti Om Track...

10:35am: VIP sangam president Raju (Manchu Manoj) goes against Shankar Anna...

10:30am: Starts on a serious note, Shivarama Raju (Jagapathi Babu) gets arrested for killing some. Flash back episode showcase, Raju's hate towards love..

10:28 am : The titles are now rolling in quite an interesting way

10:26 am : The movie starts with a hilarious voice over of Manoj

10:25am: Showtime - Current Teega - "A" certified 142 minutes movie...

10:20am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Current Teega Movie... ..

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