You are at Anekudu Telugu Movie Review (2. 5 / 5. 0)

Anekudu Telugu Movie Review (2. 5 / 5. 0)

Anekudu Movie Review

Review : Anekudu Telugu Movie (2.5 / 5.0)

Cast: Dhanush,Karthik,Amyra Dastur,Aishwarya Devan
Directed by:
K V Anand
Written By:
Produced by: Kalpathi S Aghoram,Kalpathi S Ganesh,Kalpathi S Suresh
Music by: Harris Jayraj
Release Date: March 5th 2015

Bottom Line: One Time Watch!!!

What is GoodWhat is Bad
Heroine Amyra Dastur

Predictable towards climax
Lacks Entertainment
Tamil Flavour in Burma Episode
Anekudu Telugu Movie Review - Story

Madhumita(Amyra Dastur) is a creative head in a leading online gaming company. She has a unusual power of remembering things from her previous births.She finds Ashwin(Dhanush), her colleague as she knew him from previous births.Ashwin quashes out all that.

Ravi Kiran(Karhik) ., their company head arrange a doctor for employees relaxation programme. Madhumita finds her re births through Retrogression technique in that programme. She finds they knew each other from Burma,vizag episodes.Story Revolves in present to Burma episode and Vizag Episode.

Why they didnt meet in their last births? What force stopping them? Who is that works against them in current life.., forms rest of the story.

Anekudu Telugu Movie Review - Techinical Team

Dhanush as usual excelled in 3 completely different roles. Heroine Amyra acted on par with Dhanush. Her expressions with memory struggle is top notch.She gave good support to Dhanush and looks beautiful in the songs. The chemistry shared between the lead pair is also very good.

Its completely lead pair movie as 3 love stories involved. Senior Actor Karthik, Asish Vidyarthi,Vijay and remaining characters did as required.

Anekudu Telugu Movie Review - Technical Team

Director K V Anand nicely builds up the suspense elements till the first half but loses control during the ending stages.Production Values are very good as the film looks quite rich.

Harris Jayraj's music is pretty good as all the songs have been composed and shot well.

Anekudu Telugu Movie Review - Analysis

On final note, Anekudu has a nice story and decently engaging moments. Lead Pair's stunning performance and a first half are assets. On the flip side, a predictable and lack luster second half spoils the range of the film. Watch it for its different story and lead pair performance.

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