You are at Guppedantha Prema Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Guppedantha Prema Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Cast: Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh, Aishwarya
Directed by: Vinod Lingala
Produced by: Eye Wink Productions
Music by: Navneeth Sundar
Release date: June 17, 2016
Guppedantha Prema - Story
Yuvan (Sai Ronak) is an university student who looses his parents in an accident. He always dreams of a love marriage because his parents also had one. Yuvan be friends Sandy (Aditi Singh) and soon their friendship blossoms into love. Twist in the tale arisis when the young couple gets separated. A heartbroken Yuvan pens a book titled Tholi Prema as an ode to Sandy. After reading the book, a girl named Swara (Aishwarya) falls in love with Yuvan. Destiny has other plans as Sandy comes back into Yuvan's life. Rest of the story is as to whom Yuvan chooses and ends up with finally.
Guppedantha Prema - Star Performance
Sai Ronak has donne a neat job. But he has completely failed to use most of the chances. He did a decent job. Aditi Singh has a commanding performance and she is authoritative in every frame. Aishwarya is complete bundle of energy. But despite the strong cast, the lackadaisical screenplay spoils the party. The Yuvan-Sandy love track lacks the required emotional depth in the second half. Rest of the cast are just fillers.
Guppedantha Prema - Technical Team
Sanjay Loknath's impressive cinematography stands out from the rest of the technical departments. Music director Navneeth Sundar gave a couple of decent songs. Editing is okay and visual effects are pretty ordinary. Writer-director Vinod Lingala tries to weave an emotional love story in his debut but falters at times. He shows his command in writing only after the first 20 minutes post the interval.
Guppedantha Prema - Analysis
Every Friday, filmmakers come up with different love stories hoping that they'll manage to impress the audience. Released with a promise to showcase the innocence and beautiful emotions of first love, Guppedantha Prema, even though had a decent premise falters due to its uneven execution. Despite an interesting first 20 minutes in the second half, the film lacks an emotionally engaging narrative and makes the audiences crave for more.
Guppedantha Prema - Trailer

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