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Chuttalabbayi Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Cast: Aadi, Namitha Pramood, Prudhvi, Sai Kumar, Abhimanyu Singh and others
Directed by: Veerabhadram Chowdary
Produced by: Venkat Talari
Music by: SS Thaman
Release Date: 19 August 2016
Chuttalabbayi - Story
Babji(Aadi), a recovery agent comes across a girl named Kavya(Namitha Pramod) who is on the run citing danger from her family. He helps her in a crunch situation but to his bad luck, Kavya's brother(Abhimanyu Singh) mistakes that Babji is behind all this and starts chasing the couple. Left with no choice, Bajbi brings Kavya to his village and introduces her to his family as his best friend. As time passes by, Kavya falls in love with Babji. When things seem to go just fine, Kavya's family along with yet another gang attack Babji and his family. Rest of the story is as to how Babji solves all his problems and ends up marrying Kavya.
Chuttalabbayi - Star Performance
Coming to performances, Aadi who is desperate to give a hit has given a decent performance and he has improved his screen presence. He also has changed his acting skills. But still some thing is lacking in him. Sai Kumar doesn't have much to offer. But he brings more depth and intensity during second half. Once again 30 years pruthvi saves the movie during comedy scenes. He handled it so well. Posani, Ali and Raghu Babu manage were okay with their hilarious jokes here and there. Female lead Namitha is just a showcase doll. She is beauty and that's it. She is stone faced for most part. A better heroine could have elevated the movie's prospects.
Chuttalabbayi - Technical Team
Production values of the film are quite rich as the makers have spent ample amount to showcase the film well. The camera work is also decent as it nicely depicts the village atmosphere. Editing is below average and so were the dialogues. Thaman's music is good but one of his song during the second could have been avoided. Coming to the director Veera Bhadram, he has done just about okay with his direction. He manages to narrate the first half well and even brings a decent interval bang. But the way he has dealt with the second half with the lack of entertaining elements make things disappointing.
Chuttalabbayi - Analysis
The first half of the movie is watchable and second half is too shallow and it tests our patience. The movie doesn't offer anything new with an outdated story and beaten to death screenplay. The few jokes here and there evokes smile on audience. Female lead is too worst. S S Thaman has done his job and cinematography is awesome. Nothing else to brag about. If you have ample time to kill, watch this one on theatre.
Chuttalabbayi - Trailer

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