You are at Surya Vs Surya Movie Review (1. 5/ 5. 0)

Surya Vs Surya Movie Review (1. 5/ 5. 0)

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Surya Vs Surya Movie Review

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Review : Surya Vs Surya Movie (1.5 / 5.0)

Cast: Nikhil, Trida Chowdary
Directed by:
Karthik Gattamneni
Produced by: Malkapuram Shiva Kumar
Music by: Satya Mahaveer
Release Date: 05-03-2015

Bottom Line: This 'Surya' Cannot Rise!

What is GoodWhat is Bad
Different Concept
Few Comedy Scenes
Overload of Dialogues
Weak Script
Surya Vs Surya Review - Story

Surya(Nikhil) suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Porphyria who cannot be exposed to the sunlight. Loosing no hope, he manages by avoiding the day time and used to have night life.Twist in the tale arises when he loves a TV anchor named Sanjana(Tridha Chowdary). As time passes by, she comes to know about Surya's disease and breaks up with him.

Rest of the story is as to how Surya overcomes his problems and wins his love back.

Surya Vs Surya Review - Star Performance

Nikhil growing film by film as actor.Nikhil's look and performance are major attractions of the film. Tridha Chowdary looked beautiful, but has a lot to work with on acting front.

Comedy in the first half is quite entertaining and Tannikella Bharani must be given due credit for it.His character with Satya have played the supporting roles supremely well. It is also quite novel to see Tannikella Bharani in such a different and humorous role. Madhubala is good in her role.

Surya Vs Surya Review - Techinical Team

Weak script and the theatrical dialogues clearly damaged the movie. Scenes are designed with dialogues more giving audience information rather than how they might actually have happened.

The songs go somewhat with the film but don't really lift it with their privatizations.The background score gets louder as the film progresses to desperately hammer in the emotions. Editing could have been better with more seriousness and sharp cuts. Production Design of Suraksh Leisure banner is fine.

Director-Cinematographer Karthik Ghattamaneni's great camerawork deserves a special mention. The framing, exposure, lighting are superb.

Surya Vs Surya Review - Analysis

On final note, Surya Vs Surya is not as impressive as concept and its showcase in trailers. Nikhil can forget about hat trick after Swamy Ra Ra and Karthikeya.As it is holiday season and there are no other movies to compete at box office, Surya might benifit little at box office. But work wise it is an average film and very much predictable. Having no twists and turns to the script spoiled the game.

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