You are at Review: Maaya Telugu movie

Review: Maaya Telugu movie

Banner: Shirdi Sai Combines

Producer: M V K Reddy

Director: Neela Kanta

Music: Shekhar Chandra

Casting: Harshavardhan, Avanthika,Sushma, Nandini Rai, Nagababu, Jhansi, Anita Chowdhary, Venu  and others

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Rating: 2.5 /5.0


Meghana (Avantika) reporter with social cause with TV 21 channel is assigned to cover documentary planned by popular Delhi based fashion designer Siddharth Varma (Harshavardhan Rane). Meghana will be accompanying him in Andhra and Telangana states to cover his planned fashion show highlighting the handloom industry. 

They get close and at the same time Meghana comes to know that Siddharth is engaged to her childhood friend and model Pooja who works with him. Even as she comes to terms with it, she happens to witness gory future incidents relating to her,Siddharth and Pooja, as she is blessed with Extra Sensory Perception (sixth sense). 

To findout those gory incidents and how she will be affected by such incident, one should watch Maaya on silver screen. 


Harshavardhan Rane looked attractive as fashion designer. He performed well as hot fashion designer who comes to terms with the loss of his girl friend and highlight struggle in his mind on moving ahead in life while choosing his partner. 

Avantika looked beautiful and expressed herself as a person blessed with ESP power. Nagababu acted well as caring father and others like Shushma Raj,Nandini Rai,Jhansi, Anita Chowdhary, Venu performed according to the script. 


Editing could have been far better. Music of Sekhar Chandra is ok, Background score is average. Dialogues are average. Cinematography is ok. Production values are decent. 

Neelakantha could have used more esp elements rather than confine to explaining what EXP is or dwell about handlooms.

Plus Points

  • Extra Sensory Perception conceptAvantika's looks
  • Music

Minus Points

  • Slow pace
  • Lack of thrills, suspense part
  • Lack of commercial values
  • Ordinary storyline
  • Weak screenplay and direction


Neelakantha who made thought provoking films came to entertain with another thriller touching extra sensory perception or sixth sense. However slow pace of the film robbed viewers of the so called thrill factor. 

His direction and screenplay is pretty ordinary and had the film got the pace and included twists and turns, it would created some interest in viewers.Those who watch Hollywood films will find nothing in the film. 

Neelakantha seemed confused on whether to highlight extra sensory perception or showcase the hand-loom industry in the state. 

Final Talk

Maaya fails to mesmerise masses.

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