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Mukunda (2.5 / 5.0) Movie Review, Rating, Live Updates

తెలుగు రివ్యూ : ముకుంద

Review :  Mukunda (2.5 / 5.0)

Cast : Varun Tej,Pooja Hegde,Prakash Raj,Brahmanandam

Director : Srikanth Addala

Producer : Nallamalupu Bujji

Music Director : Mickey J Meyar

Bottom Line : It's A Flat Movie!

What is Good
What Is bad
  •  Varun Tej
  •  Story Narration
  •  Rao Ramesh Charecter
  •  Prakash Raj Charecter
  •  Pooja Hedge
  •  Songs
  •  Direction
  •  Before interval scenes
  • Climax.
  • first half pace of slow 
  • Songs in the second half are not place well

Mukunda Movie Review - Story 

Mukunda movie starts a small rural town in a Godavari region with Mukunda (Varuntej) who goes back to his village after completing graduation and preparing for staff selections.he is a calm going guy who completes his graduation and is active in social activities. He finds his childhood friend in the bus and he reveals about his story.Rao Ramesh who is the municipal chairman for the last 5 times. he has two daughters, commonly his elder daughter loves her classmate, he is a low caste guy. Varun Tej as a friend of Rao Ramesh's Daughter Lover, Varun Tej saved his friend from Rao Ramesh goons and from after he is going to against Rao Ramesh. Pooja Hedge as Rao Ramesh's Younger Daughter, Varun Tej and Pooja Hedge love story bigin, this love makes Rao Ramesh more anger.The people village notices the unhealthy things done by Rao Ramesh. Rao Ramesh tries to win for the sixth time in corporate elections where he nominates for MLA post from the town,which is not liked by the youth of the village. Varun Tej also doesn’t want to win greedy Rao Ramesh in elections made Prakash Raj, a social worker & down to earth person in his town as opposition for Ramesh. Varun Teaj along with his friend (entire youth in that town) helps Prakash Raj to win the elections where Rao Ramesh lost his elections and he is completely out of politics. 

Mukunda Movie Review - Artistes Performance

Varuntej, the most handsome hero of Mega family has been impressive with his performance in the movie. He has done the character with ease and nobody feel that he is a debut hero because he acted as if he was a experienced and talented hero. He has done the character with ease however he needs to work so much on the dialogue delivery. He was ok with his dances and other aspects. Pooja Hegde has been impressive with the limited character she has been given. She is beautiful as a traditional girl in the movie.Her expressions and smile will definitely attract the audiences and makes to watch the film many times. The couple Varun and Pooja is the major attraction of Mukunda.Rao Ramesh has done a terrific job and is one of the highlight of the film. All the others have been impressive with their performances.

Mukunda Movie Review - Technical Team

Mukunda Movie story is nothing new and the characters in the film resembles with the characters of Sreekanth Addala’s previous films. The screenplay has been so weak and the movie has been highly predictable.Mickey J Meyer music and the background score are the highlights of the movie along with some superb cinematography. The production values have been grand enough. The director has failed to convey the script with clarity and has been side tracked from the main line of the film.

Mukunda Movie Review - Analysis

Mukunda Movie first half of the movie has been slow and it starts with the narration of the characters in the movie. The first half of the film goes smooth but at a slower pace and the songs of the movie bring some joy within. The movie gets interesting towards the interval and the first half of the movie ends on an ok note.The second half of the film has nothing new to offer and the scenes get repeated. The director tried to showcase the heroism in the hero which has not been upto the mark. The songs in the second half have been shot well but not placed well. The climax and the pre climax have been predictable and ends on a below average note.

Mukunda Tweet Reviews 


Hero Heroine asala okarini okaru chuskokunda love song ... Addala sirr _/_ #Mukunda ... Pre interval mundu hero heroine okarini okaru chuskunaru...No dialogues only one look. Concept kanna quotations ekkuvayyayi ... 1st half lo most repeated dlg... "Eeroju quotation entante..." Prakash Raj role ento ippatidaka define cheyaledu...atleast 2nd half lo aina clarity isthe bagundu addala sir. #Mukunda ... Ok first half .. Dialogues r good

Suresh Kondi V6

Good First half.. #Mukunda


Good First Half Srikanth Addala Dialogues Varun Tej MEGA Blood .!!!! #Mukunda

Hari Kiran

Half way through #Mukunda .So far so good. @IAmVarunTej Nd Rao Ramesh steals the show. Now Eagerly waiting for the Second half. #Mukunda - 3/5 Simple story.First half is good.2nd half is okay.Rao Ramesh Nd @IAmVarunTej steals the show.Overall a decent debut for varun.


Attitude sampesadu varuntej. #Mukunda Varuntej Screen presence super..adala story telling super. Done with first half..elevation scenes raoramesh varuntej conversations chala bavunayi..good first half #Mukunda. Ippatidhaka hero heroien matladukole #Mukunda 2nd half #OkLeaveIt. End titles appudu pawankalyan ni chupinchagane theater top lechindhe craze ka baap.


Dialogues to sampestnadu #Mukunda. Pleasant ga potundi..prakashraj dialogues tappa migatvi bane unnai dailogues. 3 songs ayyayi inka lead chars kalsukoledu...potundi ala ala.. Konni dialogues em rasadu anpinchindi..konni dailogues endku rasadu ra anpinchindi. Theory of physics in telugu from rao ramesh. First half aindi..varun impressive..#Mukunda. Dairyam ga close up shots petkne avaksam dorkindi director ki..recent debutant hero lo naku ba nachadu varun. Except few scenes .mvie is avg till now.


Gopikamma song well placed, on screen best song for sure. #Mukunda Police station scene superb, #Mukunda #Mukunda 1st half done, @IAmVarunTej did decent job on his debut, dialogue delivery and fights is good. dances improve avvali. 2nd half started #Mukunda #Mukunda Review- 1st half is good, 2nd half is slow. @IAmVarunTej did good job in dialogue delivery, fights. Srikanth dialogues good. 1/2 #Mukunda Review- 2/2 Plus- @IAmVarunTej ; Songs & Rao Ramesh Minus- Slow narration, Lack of commercial elements. My Rating- ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Hero matram Arachakam Abba super set avtadu Action Scenes Ki Rough looks. Dialogues adiripotunnayi and also good responce in Theatre.. Superb excellent picturization Gopikamma song @hegdepooja looking Wow..Great visuals and Nativity and traditions at itz best. Done with first half Varun all the way That rough looks and dialogues and mannerisms are Good.#mukunda

CartiK S

#Mukunda 1st hLf done.. Srikanth Addala in every shot, super Bgm , Roa Ramesh peaksehaaa &&& gopikamma song bagundi... #Mukunda Varun tej awkward running style, dialouge delivery kastam ga undi.. Dance litee.. Waiting for second half..

KVP Pradeep

Veedi choopu ardham avvalante vache janma lo vellu ammayila kindha puttali #Mukundha dialogue. Rao ramesh tho confrontation scene bagundhi ..Varun decent #Mukundha. Police station scene and continuation Rao Ramesh confrontation scenes baagunnayi.. Addala's hero elevation Decent 1st half with good Rao Ramesh characterisation and performance . Varun Okayish . Songs on screen big failure


Prince of single expression ki maaru pere varun teja #mukunda. Prakash Raj characterization is a complete disaster #Mukunda". Vaadukondi baaga "@TFI_Virus : #Mukunda DIALOGUE Mahesh babu entiki veldhama Eppudu neku Mahesh Babu kavalsi vachada." Average first half... #Mukunda.... Varun Dialogue delivery is good... need to improve on acting...


Konni scenes bale raskunnadu le addala.. Naku ayite nachindhi very good first half! #Mukunda #Mukunda - Addala Handled 'Gouravam' in his own way..! Oka manchi cinema chudali anukunte elli chudandi. Or hrudayakaleyam chudandi elli. 2nd half sagam lo madhalayindhi ...inkaa avvaledhu..avuthune undhi #Mukunda. An half baked film that completely relies on Rao Ramesh performance . VarunTej's role will be felt like a guest appearance !! #Mukunda Commercial gaa Chaala kastam ..Varuntej performance decent but effective gaa Ledhu #Mukunda


Decent first half... #Mukunda.... Varun Dialogue delivery is good... need to improve on dances...

Ravi kiran

Rao Ramesh Varun Tej looks keka Dlg delivery bagundi..Fights kuda baaga chesthunadu. Music,Cinematography,Dlgs super. Goppaga ledu ala ani Chethaga kuda ledu .. Passable 1st half.. Powerstar features tho Varun Tej Looks adiripoyayi Dlgs, Rao Ramesh - Varun Tej Confrontation scenes, Music, Cinematography, Simple Heroism Elevation scenes bagunayi

Vikram Reddy

Heroine okati vundhani marchipoyaru...Paatalu thappa maatalu levu #Mukunda. Prakash Raj characterization is a complete disaster #Mukunda. Mickey music & Rao ramesh performance are the only positives. Debutantki padalsina mvie kadhu.Ippatiki dialoguestho saripettaru.Next cinemaki ayina expressions workout chesthe future vuntundhi

Ravi kiran

Goppaga ledu ala ani Chethaga kuda ledu .. Passable 1st half.. Powerstar features tho Varun Tej Looks adiripoyayi #Mukunda. Dlgs, Rao Ramesh - Varun Tej Confrontation scenes, Music, Cinematography, Simple Heroism Elevation scenes bagunayi Chala bagundi song now .. Heroine tho sambandam lekunda ippati varaku idhi moodo paata #Mukunda Addala sir eti idhi maaketidhi Pichodi chethilo raayi .. Prakash Raj notlo maatalu rendu okela anipisthunayi #Mukunda First half nunchi adhe flow lo gattiga beating. #Mukunda 2nd half #OkLeaveIt. Sekhar Kammula cameo Rofl max =)) #Mukunda. Done!! #Mukunda Below avg bomma .. Music, Cinematography, Rao Ramesh - Varun Tej confrontation scenes, Dlgs bagunayi rest #OkLeaveIt 2.5/5

Siddhu Manchikanti

#Mukunda is a Ultra Lite movie , Srikanth Addala failed utterly in delivering a Emotional Action genre movie which is out of his zone. And yes my Hero Rao Ramesh is the only watchable reason ... Wait to watch on TV #Mukunda !!


Watched #Mukunda, story telling of Srikanth Addala is highlight of the film; 4 songs & 2 fights r good; decent debut for VarunTej.

Anirudh Medisetty

Watching #Mukunda Can see Srikanth Addala's mark! His direction is superb. Varun is decent! Mickey's music is exceptional!


Good First Half Srikanth Addala Dialogues Varun Tej MEGA Blood .!!!! #Mukunda. Strictly Avg Varun tej Missing Srikanth Addala Mark


#Mukunda 1st half is good @IAmVarunTej acting super #srikanthaddala dialogues super #Raoramesh performance good. #Mukunda 2nd half is avg #varuntej actng is good missing a srikanth addala mark..but finally gud.


#Mukunda 1st half good.... #Mukunda 2nd half rod.flop movie..


#mukunda awsum mvi . #VarunTej actng peaks. Nice mannerism nd dialogue delivery ;)


Watched #Mukunda .. #OkLeaveIt Rao ramesh & Mickey BGM tappa emi ledhu. Hero heroines epudu matladukuntaraa ani cinema antaa chusaa.. Asala ekada matladukoledhu.. Adala sir ye kya haii

Soma Sekhar

#Mukunda below avg film. Movie has lot of up and downs and narration is slow.


Prakash raj ento...ipudu pata ento. Till very smooth and impressive. #Mukunda hero character puri cinema lo hero la unnadu. sekhar kammula guest role... #Mukunda first half enta bagundo...second half antha worst ga undi.

Vijith Bhargav

a complete meal #mukunda...@IAmVarunTej @hegdepooja mve


#Mukunda is decent one-time watch. One of those which looks good when it comes on TV. Mickey J Meyer BGM is a surprise in a good way.


1st Half is strictly as OK as hero. But I kind of fainted with Srikanth Addala's hare-brained narrative as usual, this time more #Mukunda

Hemanth Kumar CR

#Mukunda has been of the best films I have seen this respect for Rao Ramesh and Sreekanth Addala. Varun Tej has daunting screen presence... And Pooja Hegde is gorgeous....go watch the film... Lot to talk/write about :-) #Mukunda

Avinash Repaka

Hero cheppe oneliners chaala bagunnayi.. 'Chusa' ani cheppaka attitude super! Rao ramesh nd Paruchuri scene chaala bagundhi.. Hero lekunda hero ki elevation ichadu Addala.. Two of my favourite songs misplaced.. Worst timing ane cheppali. Daredum and Gopikamma Chaala simple ga ante soodhi lo daram ekkinchinantha easy ga hero elevation scenes raskunnaru Addala garu..! Konni scenes bale raskunnadu le addala.. Naku ayite nachindhi very good first half! Rao Ramesh: 'Naa pempakam naadhi, nee nammakam needhi' varun: nijam ga mee ammayi chaala bagundhi saar!! First Addala's movies where Heroine's character is restricted only to Songs.

Movie Completed .. Keep Watching For Completed Movie Review

11:20 AM :  Heavy fights on...Simple twist in the tale. heading towards climax

11:14 AM : Pooja-Mukunda finally get together. Sekhar Kammula is here.. For a small scene. 

11:05 AM: Jumanni Song is shot in a grand way. Art work deserves a special mention here..

10:55 AM: Prakash Raj wins the ward elections and Mukunda leaves to Hyd for a Interview. In the meantime, Rao Ramesh plans to kill Arjun..

10:37 AM: Prakash Raj nominates as opponent to Rao Ramesh in the ward elections. ..

10:33 AM: Once again.. Breathless dialogues from Prakash Raj.. Still his character has no clarity.....

10:25 AM: Finally a song with situation. Chala Bagundi track is fine, and picturization elevates the song...

10:20 AM: Second Half starts with the flash back, election time Rao Ramesh again starts publicity. Starts campaign by warning Mukunda to stay down...

10:05 AM: Shiva (Nasser) DSP enters and stops the bus. First half ends with a promising twist..

9:55 AM: Chairman plans to Kill Mukunda and Arrest Arjun in a naxal case. In this process, Pooja meets With Mukunda...

9:45 AM: Mukunda (Varun) goes against the Municipal Chairman (Rao Ramesh). Police Station sequence is nicely handled...

09:36 AM : The hit song Gopikamma is on now....Pooja Hegde looks super cute

09:25 AM : The super hit song Daredum is on now.....

09:18 AM : A small tiff started between Varun and Rao Ramesh

09:16 AM : Prakash Raj makes an entry... The movie has a college backdrop

09:14 AM : Pooja Hegde makes an entry as a college student..she is Rao Ramesh's daughter

09:12 AM : Rao Ramesh makes an entry now as a municipal officer

9:11 AM: Chesedento.. Song is nicely picturized with slo-mo shots on Varun Tej...

9:07 AM: Vadi chupulo artham avvali ante vache janma lo ammaila puttali.. Time for intro song Chesedentoo..

9:05 AM: Manashulane kadhu vala ashalu korikalanu kuda mosulelthaayi.. Srikanth Addala voice over... 

8:59 AM: Movie starts rolling thanking Megastar Chiranjeevi and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Starting credits with soothful flute tune. 

8:54 AM: Show starts in a while. Mukunda.. "U/A" certificate 142 Minutes movie.. 

8:45 AM: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of MukundaMovie... At

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Mega hero Varun Tej first movie Mukunda is in last leg of post production works. After waiting for months to release in safe zone, makers are now planning to release their film on December 25th. Apparently, the movie may be shifted to other date owing to big arrivals during this course of time.Latest update on this Mukunda is that the makers are planning to release the audio on the 6th of December. Varun Tej has already started dubbing for this film which also has Pooja Hegde as the female lead.

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