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Gauthami Puthra Satakarni Title Registered For Balayya

This could be an end for all the false speculations making rounds in media circles about 14 Reels and Varahi Chalana Chithra are jointly planning to produce Nandamuri Balakrishna's 100th film in Krissh direction.

According to the information from official sources, Krissh and his close friend Rajeev Reddy have registered 'Gauthami Puthra Satakarni' title with the film chamber two days ago on First Frame Entertainments banner.

Ever since Krissh narrated the historical story of Satavahana dynasty and its cultural glory, many would have thought it as right project for Balayya Babu. As this film mandatorily requires erection of huge settings and top quality VFX, how far Rajeev Reddy can pool the finanical resources was a doubtful question.

Anyways, Rajeev Reddy seems to have come up with the final solution. His registering of 'Gauthami Puthra Satakarni' title clearly informs that 14 Reels, Varahi is out of scope. Let's wait for official announcement on April 8.

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