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BVSN Prasad on Nannaku Prematho Movie


Seasoned Producer BVSN Prasad expressed his happiness over 'Chatrapathi' 10 Years feat (September 30th, 2005). He claimed its a film very close to his heart and earned a mass image of Prabhas. He is proud about the fact that Prabhas and Rajamouli have become famous Worldwide.BVSN Prasad entered Film Industry in the year 1984. His First Film 'Driver Babu' starring Sobhan Babu released in January 1986. So, Its been a 30 Years journey for him.On Nannaku Prematho, BVSN Prasad reveals: "About 70 percent of the shoot has been completed. As story demanded, We have been shooting the film in London and Spain. Fresh Schedule will start in Spain from October 20th. This film will be a visual treat for NTR fans. Sukumar has been doing a exceptional job".The Producer doesn't agree with the statement there is no control on budget these days. He says each production house is having a plan before the shoot and the estimated budget is only exceeding in cases where something unfortunate happens.

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