You are at The Common Point Between Nani & Ravi Teja

The Common Point Between Nani & Ravi Teja

There are many reasons why a hero becomes the darling of the crowds and it all matters as to how you use your strengths onscreen to gain that attention. Not many heroes are good at doing that. In Tollywood, the list is high but two men among them should be given special mention.

They are Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and the Natural Star Nani. Both these stars have got a common point. Even without content or substance in a story they can engage the audience the moment they appear onscreen. While Ravi Teja engages with his energy levels, Nani does it with his performance.

This is the reason why even when they choose average scripts their presence adds that extra ammunition and the film goes to a success range. In a way, it is a blessing of sorts and such heroes are also a gift for the directors because their job becomes easier.

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