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Why Mahesh dont Want to Promote Aagadu?

Till 'Athidhi', Mahesh Babu used to step out of his comfort zone to promote his films. He, however, stopped giving multiple interviews in the past few years after realizing a star hero needn't promote a good film and bad film can't be saved no matter how aggressively it has been promoted. As a result, The count of his interviews per film reduced to 1 or 2 in the recent past.

As 'Aagadu' received mixed response and the collections began to fall drastically, Producers approached Mahesh Babu for asking him to join the promotional campaign. The Prince, however, declined the proposal saying there will be not much use of any promotions where the negative buzz is so high.

Sources say, Mahesh Babu isn't in good mood ever since 'Aagadu' released and he is planning a vacation with family to come out of it very soon.

Mahesh Babu is always known to be someone who takes the failures to his heart. Wish he gets back to normalcy at the earliest and bounces back with a Blockbuster yet time!

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