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Kshanam Director Next Film A Love Story

Ravikanth Perepu, the young talent which rocked Telugu industry with 'Kshanam' is all set to begin the work for his next projects. Before the release of 'Kshanam,' no one knows who this man is. One sitting with PVP Cinema and the strong confidence shown by producer Prasad V Potluri on the storyline made everything to pass of easily. Overnight, Ravikanth has become the popular name.

'I am lucky because everything worked in favor of Kshanam. Right from script to casting, pre production, post production, editing and music; I was very confident because of the script. So is the success. Later when we saw the trailer, I am sure the impact is going to be big,' Ravi informed a media agency.

Having done with a decent thriller in tight budget of Rs.1.08 Crores, definitely big offers are sure to flow at his feet but Ravikanth is cautious. 'I am currently working on two love stories and as soon as scripts are done, I can move forward,' he said.

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