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Shankar to release his assistant’s film

Director Shankar, who had put his production plan on hold for sometime, is now going to release the upcoming film Kappal under his banner.

Talking about this development, the film's director Karthik says, "I have worked as an assistant with Shankar in Sivaji and Endhiran. I had earlier played to him the songs from the film and he said they were catchy. Once the film was complete, I screened it to him as he is my guru. He was in splits while watching the film. After the screening he told me that he had enjoyed the film very much and asked us what our release plans were. When we mentioned that we were planning to sell the film to an interested buyer, he surprised us and he offered to buy the film himself and release it under his own banner."

Kappal is a full-length comedy film and has Vaibhav, Sonam and Karunakaran in its cast. Shankar is planning to release the film in either October or November.

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