You are at Suriya Turns 40 Today!!

Suriya Turns 40 Today!!

Apart from Rajnikanth there is no other Tamil hero who had both fans and business capability in Telugu tinsel town. Only Surya is the hero next to him. With movies like Ghajini and Yamudu he won hearts of Telugu people and created a stardom and market for him. After debuting into films in 1997, none imagined that this guy Surya will become a Superstar one day. A horde of films like Ghajini, Yuva, Yamudu, Brothers, 7th Sense and Rakta Charitra won him appreciation from Telugu fans too. His handsome looks and hair rising performances always grabbed the attention. He recently ventured into production too. Apart from films Surya is involved in a lot of philanthropic activities through his Agaram Foundation. Born on July 23, 1975, Surya celebrates his 40th birthday today. While wishing the actor a happy birthday, wish he will do direct Telugu film very soon.

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