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Renu Desai Still With Broken Heart!

Ever since she became active on social media, Pawan Kalyan's estranged wife Renu Desai has been sharing all of her feelings with the followers. The problem with this former actress is that she doesn't want people to assume most her tweets were about directly or indirectly linked to her former husband.

A while ago, Renu Desai wrote, "Don't know whether the joy of meeting is greater or the sorrow of separation? Life's dilemmas ! Being vulnerable ~ Requiem of Life".

Will there be anyone of earth who doesn't think these words were Renu Desai's feelings towards Pawan Kalyan? How could she expect him people not to think that way by posting such content? That's one aspect why media is in a dilemma on to respond. At least, Renu should use hashtag '#NotaboutPawanKalyan' while tweeting such quotes.

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