You are at Director Maruthi Preparing Script For Love Story!!

Director Maruthi Preparing Script For Love Story!!

Director Maruthi who has become a Success Machine when it comes to small-budget films declares making a high-budget flick with a Star Hero is much easier than a film with newcomers. "In my opinion, Directing a Star Hero's flick is easier than making a low-budget movie. Why because solid fan base of Top Stars will help overcome the mistakes a Director commits. Whereas, There is no room for error when it comes to small films and freshness is the key to draw the crowds to theaters," he explains.

Future Projects: "Right now, I am working on a Love Story with ample entertainment. I am preparing the subject keeping 2-3 Heroes in mind. I will be approaching the hero for which it suits the best after finishing the script work".What about Venkatesh's Radha?: "That film is completely shelved and I can't concentrate on a project once after taking a step back". Your Goal as a Filmmaker: "I like the films of Vamsi, Jandhyala and EVV. Audience used to watch their films whenever they might arrive. I wish to earn such kind of recognition in the Industry".

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