You are at Nitin Ishq sentiment works out now?

Nitin Ishq sentiment works out now?

Ishq and Nitin. They are two inseparable things, as our young hero scored his second blockbuster in career after almost a decade with Ishq. From then, Nitin is following hardcore sentiments for his films which literally connect to that hit flick directed by Vikram K Kumar.

For upcoming “Chinnadaana Nee Kosam” featuring Nitin and Mishti Chakraborthy, surely the title itself says that it’s a lyric grabbed from super hit Ishq. Earlier, his Gundejari Gallantayyinde too sounded another lyric from the very same movie. Perhaps Nitin is so bonded to Ishq and also sentimental, such that he is drawing titles from that flick for now. Will director Karunkaran make his sentiment hold good and delivers a hit? Fingers crossed!

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