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Rajamouli Son Karthikeya Trying His Own?

karthikeya rajamouli son
After assisting for nearly 3-4 films, especially for Baahubali 1 and 2 from the last 3 years, Rajamouli's son Karthikeya is now trying on his own. Grapevine has that Karthikeya has been bouncing stories to some known heroes and if he gets approval, then will work on the rest of story and take up the mantle of direction. Till date none of Rajamouli's assistants including DS Kannan, Trikoti and Jagadish Talasila have failed miserably at box office and sank without any trace. In this juncture, we've to see how far Karthikeya will repeat a success streak like that of Rajamouli.

Right now he's on a vacation along with Rajamouli and family.

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