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Heirs fight for properties of veteran actress manorama

Heirs of veteran actress Manorama have opted for legal battle for getting the huge properties which are in the name of the actress.

Manorama acted in over 1000 films and earned a good name in the film industry.

Her grand daughter Abhirami  (25) filed a petition in the Chennai City Civil Court relating to a dispute for the properties.

In her petition, Abhirami mentioned, “Manorama has huge properties in Chennai, Tiruvallur and other places. Now, her health condition is poor. She is not able to even observe the happenings in her surroundings. My father Bhupathi is addicted to alcohol and is mentally retarded to some extent. Now, he is living  at T.Nagar in Chennai.”

Abhirami said that, taking advantage of the situation, her brother had converted all the properties of Manoram to his name. She told the court that half of the property of her grandmother must belongs to her.

The petition came for hearing before Judge Lakshmikantham on Saturday. The judge served notices to Manorama’s son, daughter-in law and grandson and also asked them to file petition before August 22 in the matter.

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